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A common fact, that all must be and should be aware of is, a dog is very susceptible as far as its senses are concerned. You might have noticed it barking at the slightest noise; sometimes on things that even we can’t hear. Next, not to forget that is has an exceptional sniffing ability. It could be termed as cop amongst the animal for this reason. Its viewing ability too is very superb. When all these natural superpowers are present with your pet then it is our prime responsibility to enhance the organs through which they emerge.

There are a few dog grooming tips which must be followed to enhance its sense organs which can be stated as follows:

Cleaning eyes of a dog:

  • Examine the eyes of a dog carefully to check if there is any secretion or any sort of dry material present in it. It may be tears from the eyes, or it could also be due to some infection.
  • Wipe out the liquid and the dried material with a ball of cotton drenched in some warm water. Clean the tear stains that are present under the eye.
  • If the secretions persist still, care for a veterinarian as fast as you can.
  • For the eyelashes or hair above the eye, use a blunt scissors or an approved trimmer. These hairs may interfere with the vision of your pet.

Cleaning ears of a dog:

  • Examine for any foreign objects or a fleas that might have sheltered themselves in the ears of your pet. If it is there, do it away with a cloth or cotton ball.
  • Moisten a cotton ball with some mineral oil or olive oil and gently wipe the inside part of the ear of a dog. Do no enter anything in the ear canal of your pet!
  • For the hairs that grow in the ear, use a blunt scissor or approved trimmer and be careful, not to enter its ear canal. You could hurt your dog badly in the process.
  • If you come across a problem in the ear, always consult your veterinarian to eradicate the problem completely.

Brushing teeth of a dog:

Same as a human being, your dog may also require brushing its teeth. There are some guidelines to the process which may be stated as:

  • Collect the tools that may be used for the process such as a toothbrush, gauze and toothpaste specially designed for your dog.
  • Your dog may not like the idea of brushing its teeth. Be patient in this regard. Start by slowly massaging its gum with gauze if it is not too violent. If he likes the idea, continue the process.
  • Put some toothpaste on its lips to get it accustomed to the taste. If he feels good, he would get in itself in the process.
  • Apply toothpaste on the brush and brush it slowly.
  • Wash the teeth with water or some baking soda mixed in water.

With these simple steps you could clean the senses of your dog and dismiss all the impurities from its sense organs. Give way to these dog grooming tips once a week or once a fortnight for an active and jubilant pet.

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