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July 5, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

If you are a business owner, you have probably heard of the term ‘SEO’. SEO is a marketing tactic to optimize a business website for web search over search engines. It is done in terms of specifically targeted keywords. This not only helps attract traffic to the website but also helps in boosting sales and revenue. The concept of SEO has grown exponentially on the popularity scale over the course of time. It has grown to the extent that there are a number of companies in business just by selling their SEO services.


SEO has changed a great deal lately, and is not limited to links and keywords. It is more about creating a design or layout for the website so that it takes the users fast to what they are searching for. With more people using smartphones than ever, SEO experts are now focusing on SEO for voice search. Considering the point of view of a business owner, one might ask themselves why they should invest in SEO. So, we have compiled a number of reasons why you should have an SEO strategy.


  1. SEO techniques still work: Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of buzz about whether SEO is dead or if it is still as effective as it used to be. Well, it still works but it depends on how far a SEO company is ready to stretch its efforts. You just need to focus on the best user experience while still employing methodic SEO strategies.


  1. It shows no signs of disappearing: Search engines are evolving with time. Considering this evolution in mind, it is pretty clear that SEO is not going to cease to exist any time soon. Even if the audio and video searches are dominating the landscape of SEO, they still work for keywords just like it did for text in the past. We are still targeting keywords and building links.            


  1. It is relatively cheaper: There are, of course, many other marketing options available, for example, social media marketing, email marketing, and PPC marketing, etc. But what makes SEO different is its cost which is relatively lower. Well-established companies selling search engine optimization services work for a reasonable price and give outstanding results


  1. It helps you get discovered: We live in the age of the Internet in which almost everyone is buying products and services online. When someone is trawling the Internet for products or services that you also sell, you will want them to locate your brand. Hiring a good SEO agency can make you discoverable.


  1. Your competitors are doing SEO: You don’t want to be left behind when almost all of your competitors are doing SEO. So, take the time to put efforts into optimizing your website and grow your business.    .

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I am an SEO specialist at SixPL, a digital marketing agency which specializes in writing ICO whitepapers and content writing services. Organically growing websites through search engine optimization services is my professional expertise. You can visit Sixpl for professional consulting on blockchain projects, ICO white paper, SEO services, and crypto community management.


I am an SEO specialist at SixPL, a digital marketing agency which specializes in writing ICO white paper and content writing services.

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