Why Winter Is a Great Time to Have Plastic Surgery

August 9, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

There’s a good time to do everything. The same is true for plastic surgery. We discussed with a leading plastic surgeon in Patna, about what is the best time for a plastic surgery. According to the expert, who is one of the best plastic surgeon in India, winters are the best time for plastic surgery in India, owing to the tropical climate which is prevalent most of the time in the country. But that is not the only reason winters are the best time for plastic surgery. Here’s a list of reasons by the plastic and cosmetic surgery professional on why you should get your plastic surgery done during winters:

  • Winter is known for fewer social obligations, which means you’ll more readily be able to take time out of your social life to rest and recover.
  • You’re less likely to sweat a lot.If you’re wearing bandages or healing fresh incision lines, sweating can be detrimental to healing, which is the case in summers. In winter, you’re less likely to become overheated or sweaty, and thus the bandages will stay fresh and incision lines will stay dryer, reducing potential bacteria risks.
  • You won’t mind not showering for a few days. During summers, not showering for a few days can leave you feeling very dirty and unpleasant.
  • You can arrange your surgery during a slow period at the hospital.
  • It’s easier to stay out of the sun, as sun exposure is NOT good for scar healing and can worsen the appearance of your incision lines.
  • Support garments and compression bandages are far more comfortable when it’s not 40 degrees in the shade.
  • If you aren’t wanting to be public about your face lift or neck lift and eyelid surgery procedures, it can be easier to have them over winter. In the colder months, others are far less likely to ask you why you’ve gone off the radar for a while, as you can simply say you’re ‘hibernating’ and ‘staying warm indoors’ or are taking a reclusive winter ‘vacation’.

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