Why some young men prefer moving out with older escorts

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In the past, it was taboo for young people to interact with older people. The elderly were seen as a point of reference and people would only interact with them when they need an advice or some sort of help from them. These taboos are still running among various communities and religious groups but in others, they are long gone.

Although an old man would in the past married a young woman to add to the number of his many wives, a young man marrying an older woman was unheard of. However, as traditions start fading and technology finds its way in our society, people are now free to marry and get married to anyone their hearts desire.

Many Chennai escort agencies learned the great desire in many young men having romantic moments with old women and decided to make them available for them. Many escort agencies in Chennai will have a number of old women as old as 60. All that they ensure is that they maintain themselves well and love their job.

Although it might look weird and strange at the same time, these women are in very high demand among the young people. Many young people confess enjoying being in the company of these ladies because:

  1. They make them feel safe

The motherly nature of an old woman is so warm and comforting. It doesn’t matter where a woman is, her loving and sweet nature will never change no matter what happens. For that reason, many young people and especially those who have been brought up by career women who never home hires an old woman to just spend time with her to make him feel loved and appreciated.

  1. They are genuine

Men old people are genuine and respectful. This is no different with old Chennai escorts. They’ll tell you things as they are because, at the back of their mind, other than dealing with their client they look at them with an eye of a mother. At the same time, they are very gentle with them.

On the other hand, old escorts treat these young men as if they were their own children and give them the kind of advice they’d give their children if they sat down with them. To young men, this feels so sweet and caring, which is one of the main reasons that makes them keep coming back for repeat dates.

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