Why Hire a Sign Company to Design Your Tradeshow Displays & Graphics?

December 28, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Business

As your company prepares to attend a tradeshow or convention, you’ll likely need tradeshow displays, signage, and other graphical elements to take your booth to the next level.

Your booth should:

  •             Be visible
  •             Make a good first impression
  •             Protect your investment
  •             Create a positive experience

A company that specializes in sign creation will make your brand visible.

According to an article in USA Today, creating an effective booth is one of the best strategies to ensure success at your tradeshow.  Even if attendees aren’t your targeted customer, each person walking past your booth should quickly view your company’s name and some image representing your product or service.  Exceptional visibility brings attendees to your booth and helps your brand make a lasting impression in their minds.

Visibility is necessary but creating a good first impression is also key.

The Huffington Post’s number one tip for a successful trade show booth is to make a great first impression.  Numerous studies have shown the long-term success of a relationship is closely tied to the first impression you make.  They also claim that a potential client will make an impression about your company in less than a second and the majority of that opinion is based upon your tradeshow design.  A professional sign company knows which signs make the best impact and which features should be included to correctly convey a positive message to your clients.

A tradeshow is an investment — a sign company protects that investment.

The American Marketing Association claims that, with the exception of the cost of attending the tradeshow, the booth itself will be your greatest expense during the event.  The AMA states that each booth should be visible from at least eight yards away.  It should also be open, inviting and convey what your company is all about.  Hiring a sign company to create your booth or tradeshow displays and graphics can help you accomplish these goals and make your investment worthwhile.

The goal of a tradeshow is to create a positive experience for a new customer.

The Huffington Post provides another tip:  create an experience for your guests.  Some products and services can’t be interacted with in a fun or innovative way.  However, a little creativity like small games or challenges can engage your customers and help reinforce their experience. A sign company can provide you with specialized graphics or displays that complement the experience and create unique, lasting impressions.

Enlisting the help of a sign company for displays and graphical elements can help your tradeshow booth become more visible, make a good first impression, ensure that your investment is protected and create an experience for your guests.


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