Why Do You Need To Choose Homestay Instead Of Hotel?

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In today’s demanding world, many of you guys wish for a memorable holiday trip with your companions, friends, kids, etc. If you guys thinking to spend some time in the tranquility of Chikmagalur with your dear ones then make the advanced booking of the best homestay in Chikmagalur for your comfortable stay. Chikmagalur is the well-liked holiday destination which is completely surrounded by the beautiful greenery, architectural beauty, breathtaking surroundings, coffee plantation, and mesmerizing view.

If talking about the homestay, then it is the perfect option for your stay in the midst of tranquility with your dear ones. Homestay is very popular in Chikmagalur because it has raised the local living standard and made local people become more involved in conservation. In today’s polluted world, many of you guys wish for a ecotourism which mainly attracts tourists from the entire globe.

Yet, eco-tourism protects biodiversity as well as provide livelihood to local people. The idea of eco-tourism has gained popularity all around the world. This is because tourism forms an important part of the world’s economy. The number of tourist’s increases year by year, and within the tourism industry, ecotourism is the fastest growing segment. Homestay is a part of Eco-tourism and is a sustainable way to conserve nature.

If you guys feeling bored from your hectic work schedule then make the advanced booking of the homestay in Chikmagalur for your comfortable stay in the lap of nature with your dear ones. Here are some of the most excellent benefits you get by staying in a homestay take a look.

  1. Distinctive accommodations- In order to stay inside the homestay, you would be given the liberty to set your first choice regarding food, activities, or the amenities in the home. If you wish to experience the incredible diversity and charm of Chikmagalur then stay in a homestay.
  2. Personalized service- If talking about the homestay services then it provides personalized services to their guest. A homestay usually has a few rooms for their guest. If you like to stay inside the homestay then it guarantees that you receive an abundance of individual attention. You can spend time with your host family. Some guests choose only to dine with them, while others spend hours chatting to them.
  3. Local knowledge- The host of your homestay is having deep local knowledge which is extremely helpful in getting the most from your visit. Most of the time it seems that many hosts are delighted to show their guests around their local area, providing them with invaluable insights that simply aren’t available from a guidebook.
  4. Home cooked meal- staying inside the homestay, you will be able to taste authentic, delicious home cooked food, which is a lot lighter and has more variation and flavor than restaurant/hotel food.
  5. Indulge in exclusive activities- Most of the time the hosts of the homestay are usually very accommodating and will put a great effort into arranging activities that are of interest to you.

These are the few benefits you get while you dwell inside the Chikmagalur homestay with your companions. Dwelling at a homestay is all about submerging yourself in the beauty of the town, rather skimming over it on the tourist trail.


If you’re making your way to Chikmagalur then it’s a perfect place to see the mesmerizing view of nature with your dear ones. During your trips to the city, you could choose to stay in a homestay.

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