Why Brand Choose HTML5 Rich Media Ads for Campaigns

January 21, 2019 | Author: | Posted in Advertising

Companies used Adobe flash to develop banner ads, Flash was stopped by many leading browser companies due to vulnerability, but as technology grow, Rich media HTML5 Ads format emerges.

What is HTML5 Ad?

HTML5 is a rich media ad. It allows the user to design banner, that uses less power & minimum resources required to develop the banner. HTML5 banner production technology is compact-able with different browser across different platform.

HTML5 Rich Media ads allow marketers, publishers, advertiser to give a cost-effective solution to their customer.


  • HTML5 is open web standard & having the less security issue as compared to flash.
  • HTML5 has mostly used in the browser it gives you different extension & plugin, which enhance the user experience.
  • HTML5 is also supported by a mobile phone, most web traffic came from a mobile phone nowadays.

The HTML5 rich media ads allow the user to watch the video, interact with the ad. user can also share the game & locate near the store.

What is HTML5 Rich Media Banner Ad

Rich media ad is a digital advertising term, that includes audio, video, animation & other elements, that encourage the user to interact & engage with the content

Technical Requirement of HTML5

When you are developing your banner or any other rich media ad format, you can make sure that file size, image quality & resolution match with HTML5 standard.

For quality check, browser compatibility testing will use across mobile & desktop platform.

Types of HTML5 Rich Media Ad

They are different types of HTML5 rich media ad formats available for your brand

Interactive HTML5 Banner

You can promote your brand through the HTML5 banner. You can place multiple videos in one banner and place this banner at top of the website. You can interact with this ad & click on the link that will take him to the company website for information.

HTML5 Expandable

HTML 5 Expandable banner is a rich media ad format. You can expand the ad format as their click on the ad. You can also view these ads on mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile Interstitial Ad Banner

Overlay content duration should not be more than 7 seconds. If the user does not interact with the banner, the banner will close in automation after 7 seconds. We can embed the video in the mobile responsive ad. Mobile responsive banners will adjust its height & width of user mobile screen.

In-stream Ad

In-Stream ad format is developed for allowing fast and structured implementation of multiple videos and images, in which there will be least or no coding needed. In-Stream Ad Could Be Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll.

Benefits of HTML5 Rich Media Ads

Brand Awareness

Rich Media Ads increase your brand awareness, due to which brand arability is more as compared to traditional media.

Campaign Measurement

It provides you with more detail metrics of your brand, interaction ads, clicks through rate & how many people view your ad.

Brand Interaction

Your brand can get more interaction and expression due to the dynamic creative, video & audio format.

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