Why a POS System is a Must for Small Businesses for retail

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The days of conventional cash registers are almost finished, as advanced point of sale POS has grown its popularity in the last few years.
POS Software can give a huge boost to many of the retail business owners, because they not only speed up payment services, but also give real-time information about inventory and customers.
A good POS system can help, allowing you to set an alert that lets you know when a given item is at the re-order point. A Point of Sale System very usefull for the all type of business. It can be as impotent for a small business as for a large business.
It allows independent retail stores to do things that were not possible with old cash registers, simplifying their business in all sorts of ways. As the need for a more efficient and highly secure payment process is ever increasing, POS systems are an important asset to the success of any retail business.
POS Software For African Countries, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania etc..


With this new type of POS system, smaller businesses can optimize in several ways:
  • Better understand what sells best and then refine offerings accordingly
  • Manage and control business expenses, including employee productivity and inventory
  • Track results and performance for specific aspects of the business
  • Engage customers and prospects with loyalty rewards and promotional offers

POS – Restaurant & Fast food

The success of every restaurant depends on several factors. It must have a good location, delicious food, exceptional service and convenient hours—these things are a given—but business owners often miss the single biggest aspect that impacts all of the above: efficiency. Restaurants have multiple systems that need to run smoothly at all times, and a restaurant POS system can simplify time-consuming tasks and increase profitability while getting more out of employees.

Enquest POS solution provides smart people and smart technology to help you manage your operations, connect with customers and enhance your business with mobility options.
Enquest POS software is designed to help restaurant smoothly. It is highly flexible and accommodates many service environments.
Enquest POS for restaurant billing, inventory tracking, KOT, table ordering, delivery, takeaway, recipe management, accounting, table layout & guest seating, e-commerce integration and so on.
Enquest POS support bars, restaurant and fine dinning.




EnQuest POS, A complete retail solution for White Goods, PC & Laptop, Computer Hardware, Home appliances and Mobile Shops. It simplified your streamlining activities such as booking of sales orders with multiple, delivery status tracking, elimination of redundant entries by integrating entire sales process (Quote, Sales Order, Reorder, Delivery Note and invoice), etc.If you are on a tight budget, you can begin with a basic setup: POS software running on a PC with just a drawer and receipt printer.

Later on, you can add on as your needs dictate, perhaps a bar code scanner and credit card reader to begin with, then add an inventory tag printer, pole display, or PIN debit pad. Also, you should pick a system, based on your needs, that doesn’t require having someone set it up for you, which can add thousands of dollars to the cost.


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