Which Color Will Better Enhance Rooms of the Home? – Checkout the List

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Are you thinking about availing the professional HDB Painting Services? If yes, then before hopping to paint your walls, it is crucial to decide the colors. There are several forms of paint available, so which do you select?

If the matter is related to health, then avoid choosing any paint. Seek for those that are non-toxic, so that you make a safer and better atmosphere at home. Additionally, since colors affect our moods and hugely influence the look and feel of our spaces, it assists to know about colour psychology prior to choosing what color to paint your walls.

Let’s have a look at some points that will tell you which color is more appropriate.

  1. AVOID

– Heavy metals

These are generally added to paint as shade and drying agents and can be enormously toxic in the long term.

– Organic solvents

These are basic segments for the paint to dry and release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) amid the drying procedure.


– Water-based (instead of oil-based) paint

This has bring down lower levels of VOCs, which is the thing that gives off the “fresh paint” smell and is hurtful to people and pets.

– Singapore Green Building Label

This naming scheme for eco-friendly items perceives paints that are less destructive to wellbeing.


– For the living room:

Orange is an incredible shade for the living room, as the warm, welcoming and youthful colour shading conveys a feeling of vitality and imperativeness. Yellow likewise works as this shade is related with sentiments of satisfaction, richness, and positivity. This makes a comfortable and welcoming vibe for your family and companions to accumulate.

– For the dining room:

Returning home to a place where you can unwind and revive is perfect, particularly after a long, unpleasant day. For wonderful and uplifting suppers, pale and cool hues, for example, purple and blue work. If you engage regularly, a light backdrop is likewise more adaptable with regards to having distinctive stylistic decor and tablescapes.

– For the kitchen:

For a vivacious appearance (and to help light up smaller spaces) that will place you in a decent mood when making meal or washing, don’t be hesitant to utilize a splendid shade of yellow. Simply limit the bright colour to particular areas, and make sure to choose a matt finish, to manage the drama as well as reflective glare.

– For the bedroom:

Light blue shades that help to remember the sky or water have the best quieting impact – obviously, the shade even moderates pulses! – making them extraordinary for a peaceful, relieving bedroom. Grayish-blues work incredibly well, particularly appropriate for a space with a manly shading palette. Notwithstanding, abstain from picking a shade that is as well dull, as this may make space look more enclosed and result in a disgusting feeling whenever painted everywhere. On the other hand, utilize the darker shade for a feature wall and incorporate lighter blues into the blend for a layered impact. A tip is to include plants, as greenery complements blue walls to upgrade the relaxed environment.

– For children’s rooms:

Make an environment that encourages creativity, choosing for hues, for example, delicate shades of green, balanced with neutrals. This assists in making an open and welcoming space that enables exploration.

In Conclusion

Hence, these are a few points, which one should think about before availing the services of HDB Painting Singapore and investing money on wrong colors. In addition, you can take some guidance from the painting experts who can tell you about color combinations and other related things.

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