What is the use of Tamper Evident Deposit Bags?

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Many times, people needed to send their precious documents in tamper evident security bags which were not only cost-efficient but also very easy during transportation. As the items packed inside were delicate and costly, these tamper evident security bags ensured that none would tamper with or open these bags while shipping. The items needed to be intact and untouched when received by the recipient.

The tamper evident deposit bags were very useful in banking and such cash transactions. They ensure that the bags do not open up at the seal and the contents are not exposed. Tamper evident is a word used to describe a product which protects and object with markings, seals and other resistant techniques. These features are provided in tamper evident deposit bags to protect the integrity of the contents stored inside and also to ensure that the customer or the end user receives it in intact condition.

Key features

There are some important features that will help you know precisely about this product. It has become very popular amongst its clients. It is fabricated from very high quality plastic material. These bags assure full security and safety of the documents and items kept inside.

Knowing the specifications and features of the bag will help you make the right decision.

• The bags are quite soft and also are slightly transparent which enables one to get partial visibility.
• The bags are made from 50 micron polymers which make them easily degradable and also environment friendly. It can also be made different than its shape and size by customizing it according to the requirement of the client.
• Tamper Evident deposit bags are tear-resistant and also quite strong in nature. They are sturdy and can carry heavy electronic parts and pieces easily.
• A POD jacket is also attached to some bags which allow one to insert the address document on the outer side. Information like air way bill number and address can be inserted in the POD jacket and so one need not tear open the bag.

Tamper evident bags have uniform thickness throughout and hence do not cause any damage to the product stored inside. These bags protect the product inside from moisture as they are moisture resistant. These bags are also very cost-efficient and one can purchase them in bulk quantities. Big offices or such deposit organizations can buy these bags in bulk quantities as it will work out cheaper for them. Modwrap offers door deliver and online shopping of these bags. They official website has all the information on these bags properly listed. These bags are available in packets of 500, 1000 and more quantities. One can also customize their sizes for bulk orders.

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