What is the Connection between Alcohol and Acne

February 9, 2019 | Author: | Posted in Beauty Products

Being a depressant, alcohol has so subtly delved into the Indian culture that any occasion seems incomplete without it. However, the bad news is that excessive consumption of alcohol can affect nearly every part of the body, especially your appearance.

Your appearance is often tortured by skin problems like acne breakouts. Although drinking alcohol doesn’t cause acne directly, it can still affect your body in numerous ways that influence acne development.

Immune System

Your immune system is a protector of your body which keeps harmful bacteria and viruses at bay. It is made up of many protective cells that keep you healthy. Alcohol can decrease the number of protective cells and even destroy them, making your body vulnerable to infections.

Hormone Levels

Hormones are primary contributors to how your skin looks. Drinking alcohol can strongly affect your hormone levels, causing fluctuations in testosterone or estrogen levels. This imbalance in hormone levels can stimulate your oil glands. Increased oil production can clog your pores which can result in acne breakouts. If your condition gets worse, you can visit your doctor for the treatment for hormonal acne.


Stress is the outcome of a busy life schedule. People often drink alcohol to deal with harsh realities of life which are likely to affect their hormones. Unfortunately, a combination of the two could lead to problems and have an adverse effect on your skin, causing acne.


Water is the magic portion that keeps your skin hydrated and toxic free. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means consumption of alcohol lowers your body’s water content. This leaves your skin dry and can result in aggravating acne breakouts.


Your liver is responsible for eliminating harmful toxins from the body and helps in maintaining a clear skin. It is well known that drinking alcohol leads to liver damage. If your liver is unable to eliminate harmful toxins, these toxins can be stored in your body. The body will then try to expel these harmful toxins through another medium like skin. This may results in acne breakouts. Anything that lowers liver functionality is likely to be bad for your body and skin.

Alcohol might not directly cause acne but it can impact your body systems, thereby causing acne. Limiting your consumption of alcohol is the key to prevent yourself from unwanted acne. You can also try using the AcneStar gel which is a very effective and best product for acne treatment.

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Hi all, I like to read, write and share awesome content related to various categories like beauty, health & fitness, lifestyle & fashion, architectures & interiors, web design, internet and technology.

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