What is Required to Be a Lawyer in Singapore?

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Being a lawyer is not as fancy as it seems to be in television series. There is a lot of paperwork, drafting legal memos, research, and late nights in office juggling between various cases. However, if you have a true passion for law, these challenges may seem like nothing compared to your immeasurable drive.

If you are skeptical about how to begin your law career in Singapore, you need to invest some quality time in doing research. It is not that easy to secure law jobs in Singapore unless you have the right qualification or experience accompanied by sharp legal skills. Here’s a look at what you need to be a lawyer in Singapore:

1. Quality education

Studying law is not an easy task as qualifying for law school is extremely difficult. You need a lot of ‘A’s in your education certificate to meet the academic requirements. Even after meeting the academic requirements, you need to prove your worth in the interview at the universities. There are two local law schools in Singapore, NUS and SMU, and both of them have limited seats. If you plan to pursue a degree in law overseas, make sure that it is recognised by legal educational institutes in Singapore. You can also check the list of foreign degrees accredited by Singapore online to get right educational help.

2. Studying hard

A degree in law is not a guarantee of getting legal jobs in Singapore. As per the Ministry of Law, law graduates should attain at least a second lower class honours from one of the accredited universities along with completing a study period of 3 full-time academic years. It is rightly said that good things don’t come easy.

3. Getting work exposure

For getting an admission as an advocate or solicitor, you need a practice training period. This is the period during which you receive supervised training relevant to the Singapore law you will be practicing.

4. Application

You should obtain approval from the Singapore Institute of Legal Education about how you are serving your practice training period. For that, you need to send in a letter stating when you started your training and how you are serving the training period along with the supervising solicitor’s name and other details as well as the department and organisation of the officer.

5. Practice training contracts

To certify your training officially, you need to draft up a training contract with the relevant law practice in Singapore. There are many legal and technical requirements for it and you can get in touch with counsellors to help you get the best training for law jobs in Singapore.

Once you pass the Singapore Bar Examinations and complete your training period, you will emerge as a full-fledged lawyer who is certified to practice law in Singapore. You can now proceed to find the right job to prove your mettle.

Explore the web for more information on how to find the right legal jobs in Singapore.

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