What is Internet of Things and how is changing this year?

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Internet of Things (IoT) from the name only it says things connected to internet but it is more about things used to define objects that “talk” to each other. Different sources has defined the IoT it differently. Mathew Evans the Internet of Things programme head at techUK says “Internet of Things is simply made up of devices that ranges from a simple sensors to smartphones and all the other wearable’s-connected together .”

As of the devices are combined with automated systems it is very much likely to gather information, to analyse it  and create an action to help someone with a particular task or learn from the process. For instance it will range from smart mirrors i.e showing temperature headlines during your watch at the mirror to beacons in shop and beyond that.

Another definition by head of IoT at Digital Catapult says It’s about networks, it’s about devices and it’s about data. IoT agree to many devices to connect on closed private internet connections in order to communicate with others also brings those networks together. The technology gives opportunity for devices to not only communicate with devices that are huge and close but also across different networking types hence creating a much more connected world.

The importance of IoT is that any entity that can represent itself via digital world hence become something of great value than object itself. As no longer the object is related to its consumers who is using them as it is connected to its surrounded objects and also with the data as of databases. And when many objects act in unison they are known as having ambient intelligence.

Many of the people thinks about IoT is connected in terms of computers, tablets and Smartphone’s hence describes a world where just about anything can be connected and interacted in an intelligent fashion. In other words with IoT the physical world is becoming one big information system.

The changing in IoT is happening but it’s a slow process. It is a game changing aspect as it is the complete number of devices not the capabilities of each device is accessed. Internet Of Things is happening to overtake Smartphones as expected as the largest consumer of Internet Traffic this very year. The technology is more than just a smart home. Its major applications are related to industry.

  • Smart factories
  • Smart building
  • Smart energy
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart cities
  • Machine to Machine
  • Car to Car communication


At Healthcare things are happening actually. And also turning on or off light bulbs with Smartphone is where also more things are on the edge to happen. Currently IoT is in the first generation that is simply collecting data from the dumb devices and aggregating to the centralized cloud solutions. In the following generation it will be the edge analytics and intelligent networks. At present IoT is used as device sensors and in near future they it will be used at actuators. This will impact the virtually every existing industry.

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