What Is Housekeeping Services In The Hotel To Attract Your Customers

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Housekeeping means performing all the duties towards cleaning & maintaining of a house or a business property like the hotel. The housekeeping duties involve maintaining the hotel in the best possible state in terms of cleanliness and keeping it at highly desirable for customers.

The concept of housekeeping in the hotel is looking simple. But it becomes a huge task when considers maintaining a house of several hundred rooms. Housekeeping in a hotel is a very difficult job that includes many tasks to keep rooms & hotel areas clean & fresh. Housekeeping is a physical and very tiring job. The role of housekeeping is to keep clean, comfortable, and safe house. Typically, in this case, housekeepers were responsible for cleaning many rooms per shift.

Hotel housekeeping is the most hectic task for the hoteliers but if that’s not done nicely then the hoteliers should not think of making it to the top. Badly maintained rooms can never attract more & more customers.

Hotel management should ensure that cleanliness is maintained at all places in public areas such as the lobby, lifts, parking, swimming pool etc. Coffee shop, conference hall, banquet hall, and restaurants should also have to be well maintained.

The primary role of the hotel’s housekeeping department is cleaning guest rooms. The housekeeper should clean rooms and areas before, during and after a guest has used the hotel’s room. The housekeeping in the hotel is responsible for tidiness, maintenance and cleanliness of the whole area of the hotel. Housekeepers are also responsible for cleaning and sanitizing guest rooms before & after the guest leaves the room.

Hotel survives on the sale of rooms, food and beverages, and other minor operating services, such as laundry, health club, business centre etc. It is responsible for guest check-in and check-out, mail and information services. Hence housekeeping performs more work in guest rooms and hotel areas to provide a clean, comfortable environment for hotel guests to enjoy. Customer’s heart can only be won by the clean and healthy way.

The housekeeping department usually has an Executive housekeeper, an assistant housekeeper & a floor Manager. Without these employees, a hotel’s common areas and rooms would never be clean. Housekeeping departments also have supervisors who inspect work and several types of line staff, including room attendants, laundry attendants & other working staffs. Stacking towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, table napkins separately into different sections of shelves is also a duty of room attendants.

Hotels are usually designed for the comfort of their guests rather than their housekeeping staff. This fact makes it very difficult to improve working conditions for housekeepers. It also performs the duties pertaining to the decoration of hotel premises. It takes care of repairing types of furniture, and painting of the Hotel area.

Cleanliness decides which hotel clients should go to and which hotel they should not. Efficient housekeeping in a hotel makes more customers.

Room attendants generally use a cart to hold their tools. Carts are stocked with chemicals and cleaning materials to clean surfaces in guest rooms and bathrooms. They clean by the vacuum cleaner, broom and trash bag. Teamwork can provide more evenly distributed muscular work. The whole team is involved in the planning of the work. Floors, walls, windows, mirrors, and bathrooms are adequately cleaned.

Housekeeping generates the first impression on a guest’s mind. Housekeeping in the hotel takes the pride in keeping the hotel clean and comfortable so as to create a home away from home. Housekeepers are also responsible for other areas, such as public restrooms, convention space and offices. Clean room and clean surroundings make a happy customer. A well-planned cleanliness program should be maintained by the Hotel to win the heart of customers. To attract guests and remain competitive, hotel management pursues a policy that everything should be so clean & it sparkles by the customers.

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