What General Liability Insurance Covers and What It Doesn’t

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We live in times when a large number of people are ”sue-happy”. It means that give them a reason to sue you in the court and they shall do it. You cannot escape them and have to defend the accusations made against you, irrespective of if they are false or not. The eventual judgment will be ruled by the judiciary, but until then you have to follow the process of defending yourself in the court. You could have a guest slipping and fall in your residential or commercial building and the next thing you know is that you are facing a possible trial after the person in question has accused you of negligence that resulted in his slip and fall injury.

Los Angeles General Liability Insurance is the type of insurance coverage you need in such a situation. It will cover the legal costs your business has to bear in case a legal case has been filed against it. The covered items can include physical injury, property damage, advertising injury and personal injury. In other words, general liability insurance can provide coverage from some of the most common lawsuits that arise from day-to-day business activities, even if they are purely non-intentional.

What General Liability Insurance Covers

General liability insurance takes care of third-party lawsuits, which means lawsuits filed by anyone who is not your employee: vendors, patrons, customers, landlord, etc. However, there’s a limit to third-party lawsuits that general liability insurance can cover, including those triggered by below-mentioned events:

Bodily Injuries/accidents on your property. Imagine a scenario where a client visits your business premises, slips and then falls, thus sustaining serious injuries. A client can take you to court if he suffers serious injuries and you can be held legally liable by the court to pay for the victim’s medical bills.
Property Damage. Imagine a fire breaks out in your office, causing a widespread damage to other parts of the building too. Your landlord can sue you for the damage cause to a specific part of his building.

Copyright Infringement. You can be sued by your business competitor for an attempt to copy his advertising and marketing materials. If your advertising and marketing campaigns are found too similar to your competitor’s, you would have to pay a huge amount in compensation.

Reputation Damage. This situation can arise when you have made a critical remarks about the services of your competitor. It can sue for alleged reputation damage and loss of goodwill.

What Los Angeles General Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Professional mistakes are not covered under general liability insurance. You would need another type of insurance to deal with that.
Injury to your employees is not covered under general liability insurance. Get Workers’ compensation insurance instead.
Damage to your own business property is not covered under this type of insurance coverage. Get commercial property insurance to deal with such losses.

Coming to conclusion, you should contact a leading and reliable insurance agency to get the right type of insurance coverage for your particular needs and requirements. If you run your own business, there’s no sense in not having a general liability insurance coverage and pay thousands of dollars in compensation.

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