What Are The VariouS Methods Of Teaching?

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Mentioned below, are few techniques to keep your students occupied:

1) Self-learning is the greatest attribute provided to anybody. If we learn something on our own, we are habitual of sustaining that thing for a longer period. Lectures from the teachers are always filtered in your brain because we tend to get bored, or we are distracted in the class. It’s best to provide the student a topic, and then set them free to gather as much information as they can in that period itself. You would be seeing vast results.

2) Always have 15-20 minutes set for a discussion session. Whatever that you have taught in the prior class, should be discussed in the next. This way you will be able to attain what all they remember. Let the voices of the students be heard, as it will create a zest amongst them.

3) Always keep the last day of the week flexible. Engage them in educational activities, quizzes to keep their interest high. With the books, lectures throughout the week, a student’s capacity to memorise is low. So, engage them in something fun and valuable.

4) Technology has evolved tremendously over the years. If we still are not using anything related to technology in our classrooms, then we are doing disservice to the students, as we are not sufficiently preparing them for the future.

To argue that some modern teaching ways are not effective, does not necessarily mean that there is only one way to teach. We have to construct and develop our teaching methods according to the 21st century students. They are willing to learn the same subject through various other ways. If we go according to them, then we are going to abolish so many inconveniences that would or is being caused to the students. The marks of the students would be increased, and so will their attendance. They would be willing to come to the class, because they enjoy school, and it won’t just be a compulsion to them.

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