What are the Benefits of Having a Legal Career?

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The legal industry has always fascinated a lot of youngsters. It is considered one of the most lucrative and reputable jobs. The legal industry in Singapore also offers ample opportunities to shape your career.

Apart from the people who have a degree in law, students and intermediates can also join the industry with part time legal jobs in Singapore. Here’s a look at the advantages of having a career in law:

1. World leaders

Today, lawyers are not just taught the nuances of the law but they are taught to lead the world. The ability of making decisions based on the facts, logics, and reasoning instead of emotions is an important part of being successful in a legal profession. These traits hold equal or more value outside the court room also. A good leader has the ability to make hard yet correct choices for the interest of his clients.

2. Wider career scope

Gone are the days when lawyer has to choose a career in either criminal or civil. Nowadays, there are so many choices: corporate, commercial, mediation, human rights, intellectual property rights, environment, cyber, and many more options.

3. Placements

Students from the tops law schools don’t need to hunt for jobs as opportunities come their way looking for them. Every year, the best law firms of the country, including the premier corporate houses, set placement targets for their HR Team so that they don’t miss out on the top talent of the country. The only thing you need to do is prepare for the law entrance exam and get through a good law school.

4. Financial prospects

People once believed that only IT and Management were the only fields to offer top jobs. However, law school graduates can now earn salaries on par and sometime exceeding the best offered in business schools.

5. No boundaries

Having a degree in law opens doors, even internationally. You can pursue a career in any part of the globe as long as you study their law. Just like any other profession, there are no geographical boundaries for legal jobs.

6. Change in society

It is a common perception that lawyers simply manipulate and work for money. However, today, young minds aspire not just to earn big bucks but also to make a difference in society by fighting for the rights of people who can’t defend themselves and by helping people in getting justice.

The legal industry offers vast job opportunities for part-time and temporary jobs along with working a legal secretary or a paralegal. Even if you are not a lawyer, legal industry has a lot to offer.

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