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The Kitchenaid meat grinder is an attachment for the Kitchenaid food processor. He has a knife with four blades, a filling bowl (interchangeable with a larger filling tray) and a pusher. Two perforated discs grind the food coarsely or finely. For the production of sausage the Kitchenaid meat grinder is extended with a sausage horn. The Kitchenaid pureeing attachment can also be used in combination with the meat grinder. The Kitchenaid food processor with mincer grinds 1 kg of meat in ten minutes in the meat grinder test. This makes the food processor with a meat grinder suitable for private use.

A Bosch meat grinder is one of the fastest devices in the meat grinder test. A meat grinder from Bosch with a capacity of 2200 watts 4.3 kg of meat per minute. However, full power is not always obtained to avoid overheating. The meat grinder attachment is made of stainless steel. In the rear area is a compartment in which the perforated plates are stored. Desktop units have rubber feet for a firm footing. With more than 20 functions, the application range extends from a Bosch mincer from shredding to rasping, chopping and pressing fruit.

Jupiter has a meat grinder for home use and for catering needs in the range. With a metal interior, a Jupiter meat grinder is very sturdy. The power is 80 kg of meat per hour. The multi-part meat grinder accessory is located at three perforated discs. Another perforated disc mincer, knife, grater, berry pressing and sausage attachments are available separately.

A Kenwood meat grinder for sale carries the designation “MG” in the assortment of the manufacturer. Devices of this series are reliable, powerful and multifunctional with the available accessories. In the meat grinder made of stainless steel, many models of Kenwood unfortunately plastic gears for power transmission between the motor and screw conveyor are installed. This is reflected in the volume of the operating noise and in the durability of the device. The meat grinder accessory is huge. You will find two sausage filling sets, three perforated plates and a filling bowl with cover. Separately, you can order the mincer with a biscuit attachment, a dicer, a drum ruffle and a flour mill. The performance of the various models is 2 kg of meat per minute and is open at the top.

A Beketal meat grinder is an industrial meat grinder. The individual models process in the meat grinder test 150 kg to 300 kg of meat per hour at a power between 550 watts and 900 watts. The most powerful devices must be connected by an electrician. The meat grinder accessory includes perforated discs in three sizes (3,6,8 mm) and two knives.


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