Wedding Garter – A Classy Fun and Elegant Tradition for The Wedding Day

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All around the world, weddings are the celebrations abundant with traditional ceremonies. These traditional aspects are often continued to play a big part in the weddings. And as part of the customs, the attires of the bride and the groom have always been a center of focus.

Evolving through the ages, the wedding dresses of the bride and groom have seen several developments, corresponding to adding different and new elements. Out of all these elements, wedding garters are always perceived as something very beautiful and a must-have for a bridal dress.Stylish and elegant in design, the garters are available in multiple varieties, providing a touch of sophistication. These essentials exemplify how small details are so meaningful for a wedding celebration.


There are several theories behind its origin. One of the popular theories suggests that the medieval wedding guests would like the piece of the brides dress as a keepsake of the wedding. One superstition was that owing a piece of the wedding dress would bring good luck, that lead to the ripping of a piece of the bridal dress. The bride would then relinquish her garter as a “good luck” to one of the lucky guests. The groom then removes the garter and toss back to the crowd.

Who Buys You the Wedding Garter?

There is no set of predefined rules and traditions for who will typically buy a bride’s wedding garter. A friend can offer it as a gift for her bridal shower. One can also buy their own bridal garter.

Types of Designs in Wedding Garter

There are a number of pretty options available nowadays, some of them are:-

Popular material for garter includes lace, satin and silk:

  • Lace & Pearl Garter

Lace and pearl embedded wedding garter is a unique and glamorous option.

  • Ruffled Bridal Garter

Ruffled bridal garter looks elegant and matches with the bridal outfit very well.

  • Lace Bridal Garter

Lacy bridal garter looks super classy and adds shine to the wedding dress.

  • Crystal Bridal Garter

It is a classy and glamorous option for the brides.

How to Wear a Wedding Garter?

Wedding garter is normally worn to hold up stockings on the bride’s leg. It can be worn on any leg, based on your choice. If you are opting to wear a pair or two garters then it should be worn on the same leg. Traditionally, the garter is worn on the right leg.

Tossing the Garter

Bridal garters were supposed to be the love tokens. The groom removes the garter from the wife’s leg and tosses the garter to all the bachelors at the wedding.

Therefore, whether you choose to follow the tradition or opt for a unique route, the wedding garter plays a crucial role. Choose it in accordance with your comfort and style.In today’s times, when themed weddings are the norm, many a times wedding garter designs and colors are chosen to complement the wedding venue themes, like wedding aisle runners, or ceremony backdrop, and so.

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