Ways to Enhance iOS App Reviews – 3 Smart Tips

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The funny thing about app reviews is that, these reviews and ratings primarily decide how high in the list of innumerable apps, a specific app would be placed. The higher the rating, the higher in the list it goes. The iOS app store is incredibly crowded at the moment and to get ahead of them all you will need a lot more positive reviews than what your near ones can get you. App reviews are very crucial for giving your App a boost and they do not always happen with thousands of people running back to the App store to review your App. The funny thing about reviews is that people only have the tendency to head back and put a review for your app when their experience is not so good. Take a look at these three ways in which you can get more positive app reviews for your app:

1)   Make use of the app-Review Plug-Ins

The simplest way to get a review for your app is to just ask. These turnkey plug-ins for the iOS make it as simple as to prompt the user to give their reviews. They pop-up and ask the user to rate your app after they have used for a certain period of time or a certain number of times. The only thing to take care of is that the plug-in should not pop up frequently or annoy the user as that might get you some bad reviews.

2)   Make your service top-notch with instant messaging windows

The “Send Feedback” button often opens up an email window for you, that looks pretty cumbersome to fill up and send. Instead you can opt for the instant messaging windows that will make the customer’s job easier and your service far more accessible. There are certain web-based dashboards that help your users to send direct one-one messages inside the app and also help you to provide the best kind of support possible.

3)   Buy iOS app reviews

To go and buy app store reviews at the moment is the best way for develops to increase their exposure in the app market and get popular. It is a small investment that needs to be done in the early stages so as to make the future of the app stronger in the overly crowded app world. Once you actually go ahead and buy app reviews, you will realize the snowball effect of the entire thing as your popularity will witness exponential growth benefitting both you and your app to a great extent.

No matter which of the above tips you find interesting and start to follow, they will help you incredibly in making it big in the app world. However, the key ingredient of the success of your iOS app will always be its effectiveness and efficiency. Once you are sure that these are in order, you can easily arrange for some good reviews and get on top of that list we have been talking about.

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