Vitamins and Minerals Women Need During Various Stages of Life

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The best nutritionist in Gurgaon who works at one of the leading mother care hospitals in Gurgaon, explains that women have slightly different nutritional needs to men, and these needs can change during the various stages of a woman’s life. Not only that, different women need different amounts of vitamins and minerals depending on their activity levels, medical conditions, or lifestyle choices. In this article, we’ll be discussing these requirements with the help of various women’s health experts at the best hospital for pregnancy in Gurgaon.

Women Under 40

  1. Iodine

Women in this age group are the most likely to become pregnant. Iodine is crucial for the healthy development of a baby’s brain during pregnancy. Women between the ages of 20 and 39 years usually have lower iodine levels.

  1. Folate

Folic acid or folate is essential for women during the years that they can reproduce because it reduces the risk of birth abnormalities, especially those involving the spine and brain. Folate also helps create red blood cells and aids in protein digestion.

Women between 41 and 50

  1. Iron

Women who are in perimenopause are at a higher risk of developing iron deficiencies. Iron is a mineral that is essential for reproductive organs and functions. Iron is also important for energy production, wound-healing, immune function, red blood cell formation, growth and development.

  1. Calcium And Vitamin D

As women age, they are at increased risk of developing osteoporosis, which is a condition that weakens bones and increases the risk of fractures. Calcium and vitamin D are essential for good bone health.

Women between 51 and 60

  1. Vitamin B-6, B-12 And Folic Acid

Women aged over 50 years need more B vitamins than other women. B vitamins are crucial to overall health. Vitamin B-6 is involved in over 100 known enzyme reactions and is essential to immune health. Vitamin B-6, B-12, and folic acid also help with red blood cell production, energy production, protein metabolism, cognitive development and nervous system function.

  1. Calcium And Vitamin D

Due to changes in hormone levels, women who are in post-menopause are at even greater risk of developing osteoporosis. Women who take calcium and vitamin D supplements might reduce their risk of hip fracture.

Women Over 70

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to bone health and helps maintain muscle mass. As people age, they naturally begin to lose bone and muscle mass. Thus older people need more vitamin D than younger ones.

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