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You start your business with an exceptional idea with great enthusiasm. And you have the best pool of employees. Additionally; then there is confusion, tension, mismanagement. Wait, Now that’s what I didn’t want. Where am I going wrong??? You lack the financial vision which a Virtual CFO Services can suffice.

There are certain ironies of life we can’t seem to evade. Hence; it’s difficult to see a solution from the inside even though we’re in the middle of it, and no one knows it better than us. It’s always the third eye ( not Lord Shiva’s eye year) it’s a metaphor for a ‘fresh perspective’ that becomes the need of the hour. Moreover; someone new from the outside brings a fresh take, fresh solutions as well as pinpoints what you’ve sorely missed.

Finance and Accounting form the backbone of any company’s operations. A mismanaged account or finance can actually wreak havoc on the daily operations of the company. Firms experience better guidance and analysis with hiring specialists for the job
Let me first start by first laying down the basic difference between Finance and Accounting.

Now why the hell I’m explaining all this. For the simple reason that most of the firms don’t understand this and make the accountants do the financial analysis leading to utter chaos. Virtual CFO services with a finance background are specifically trained to analyze the market curve and predict the trends for where the company is headed, can head and will head.

Furthermore; Virtual CFO services are able to cook great pricing strategies leaving nothing on the table even after the sale is made. Excellent pricing strategies and accurate financial analysis, together is as good as striking gold, what say…

Fab Benefits of CFO Outsourcing or Hiring Virtual CFO Services
Big or Small, the size of the company doesn’t matter. Dealing with the financial aspect of running a business is not really a specialty many companies have. Now hiring a full-time CFO will cost you a bomb. Furthermore; the best approach is to simply outsource, which most of the small firms wisely do.

The job work of a Virtual CFO companies entails a range of business financial services, from auditing the expenses of various departments to choosing the best accounting software for the company. What makes them highly valued is their ability to get a company through a cash flow crunch or helping to secure a certain loan for special circumstances.
Best Investment for Return On Investment( ROI )
Go Buy Those Diamonds

YOU SAVE. Yes, you save immensely on those technological and personnel resources.

They Know Everything Darling

Don’t be scared, I’m not talking about that), they know the industry like the back of their hand, having worked across various industries and know what works across the board.

Brings You To Focus On Your Core Competencies

It’s simply detrimental for a company to try and do what is beyond them especially; for a small business. Virtual CFO services take that load off you leaving you to better concentrate on your core competencies and further progressive value-adds.

Your Only Friend That Gets You Going

There are many times a business goes through tough financial times. Hiring a Virtual CFO services helps them to smoothly swim through a major change in the law, or-or obtaining a large loan or grant. They understand and identify the prime time that a merger, acquisition, and business closings a company would require. Because; of fine experience, they easily meet deadlines and other requirements for a variety of projects.

Aristotle Consultancy, based out of Delhi/NCR, is a one-stop consultancy firm offering end- to- end financial and legal solutions. Furthermore; they offer solutions for financial, strategic and legal issues faced by companies at various stages i.e. from its incorporation to dissolution in the following domains

Virtual CFO
Legal Solutions
Fund Mobilization
Furthermore; they cater to all clients seeking services in the financial and legal domain i.e. startups, SMEs, MNCs entering the Indian market, equity/grant investors, as well as corporate entering in a new domain, etc.

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Or you could send SMEJoinup a request at and we will be happy to connect you with screened Virtual CFO outsourcing companies in India.

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