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Ever fell in love with a luxurious sofa in the market and brought it home? Chances are it didn’t look as good in your home as it did in the strategically lit, color coordinated home décor shop at the mall. Same with a piece of art, a table lamp or a vase. What seems too good to be true, probably is. What seems too easy to do, probably isn’t. Like Interior Designing. Here’s an industry secret. You NEVER paint the walls first. You decide the color palette of the carpet, linens, curtains and upholstery first, purchase these and then pick up the paint brush. Bet you didn’t know that.

These and a 1000 other reasons are why it’s not just a great idea, but also critical to hire an interior designer for converting a space into a place with a soul and purpose.

Soul of a space

 We purchase or lease a space with a purpose and vision in mind. If it’s a house, we want it to be a place where we could relax and enjoy with the family. Host friends and colleagues. A place that speaks about us as a person. Our tastes and preferences. Our passions and dreams.

If it’s a commercial space, the aim is to have an office interior design where our colleagues feel positive, welcome and productive.

Usually we are clear on how a space is supposed to feel. We know what we want our family, guests and work colleagues to feel at home and at work. What is not very clear is how to enable this. That’s where an Interior Designer adds great value.

There’s a fine line between feeling cozy and feeling claustrophobic in a small space. The color red could either intimidate or invigorate. The position of the humble sofa could either eat up, or free up the entire space of a room.

An Interior Designer is literally trained to think both inside and outside the box! As interior designers, we think spatially, keeping in mind proportions of size, scale and structure. We work with you to understand your vision for a space. And if it’s not clear we help you refine it. And then design your vision for functionality and elegance.  As interior designers we have an innate understanding of how colors, material and objects influence the feel of a room. Which allows us to bring your vision to life.

Resources Saved + Money Earned…

At Jagruti Designs Studio, an interior design company based in Pune not only does our team help you with your vision, we also ensure we EXECUTE your vision in the most cost effective, resources optimized and timely way.

There is a sequence to execution of work.

A minutely detailed layout of a space needs to be locked in first before even a hole is drilled and a nail hammered. Imagine you spent a fortune and put a false ceiling in place. Consider the case in residential Interior Designing, you purchased an ornate chandelier, and hung it up, only to realize it almost hits your son’s head, is really close to the fan, plus makes the room look really small.  What now? Redo the false ceiling? Throw away the chandelier?

An interior Designer knows and envisions all these pitfalls and then comes up with a design. Money saved. Heartache avoided!

An Interior Designer has a well-established team of skilled manpower

So that you don’t have to run around wasting time, negotiating services of plumbers, electricians and carpenters. The Interior Designer also ensures all this work is done in a fraction of time and money it would otherwise cost you. Plus she takes care that all teams are well coordinated, avoiding redoing of work that could delay timelines and cause cost escalations.

 An Interior Designer brings a touch of Class and Elegance.

So that your art looks good. So that your upholstery accentuates the wall colors and interior accessories. So that the garden looks straight out of a glossy magazine. So that the paints that seemed sophisticated on TV don’t look gaudy in your drawing or bed room.

Setting up a home is as much an emotional experience as buying a home itself. And there is an entire industry ready to cash in on this. There is a reason home furnishings look good in a mall. It’s because there is professional thought that has gone into it. There’s a reason why art and bookshelves look so good in a store and completely out of place when you put them up in your office. An Interior Designer helps you avoid impulsive emotional purchases while helping you select items that would bring your vision to life.

Finally… Resale!!

This is the money earning part. A well thought and professionally designed space gives you tremendous negotiating leverage. In turn, literally chasing up the price of your home or furnished office space when you decide to sell or lease it.

In conclusion, the value created by an interior designer in a space is salient.  It is like our health. We notice it only when something is amiss. An interior designer breathes life into your dream homes and office spaces that pays you manifold in the long term. How much do you value a breath of fresh air?

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