Types of Mini Buffet Options That are Perfect for Any Event

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While all of us have heard of buffet catering, the term ‘Mini Buffet’ is definitely new to us. What makes mini buffets different from conventional buffets and what types of events can mini buffets cater to?

Mini buffets in Singapore come in disposable trays and are dropped off by the caterer at the location. Most of them come along with the disposable cutlery, napkins, and cups depending on the type of mini buffet your order. What makes mini buffets different from the buffet catering in Singapore is that normal buffets require a set up while mini buffets don’t. This makes the mini buffet a great option for any small or cosy celebration and frees you from the responsibility of making lavish arrangements and the hassle of buffets.

Mini buffets are ideal for events that have smaller number of guests such as kitty parties, housewarming parties, and small get-togethers. Buffets typically cater to a larger quantity of people such as corporate events and weddings. If you have any space constraints, mini buffets are perfect for you.

Here’s a look at the top 5 mini buffet options in Singapore:

  1. Shiok Kitchen Catering

If you are looking for fuss-free meals on-the-go, then you should opt for value bento sets from Shiok Kitchen Catering. These budget-friendly eating options are ideal for corporate meetings, kitties, small gatherings, birthday celebrations and other events. You can also get in touch with them to enquire about their Thai signatures buffet menu that will leave no stone unturned in impressing your guests. Their value buffet reception menu (07-Course Set Meal) is priced at S$ 8.00 /Pax and value buffet reception menu (10-Course Set Meal) at S$ 11.00 /Pax are the best options for organising buffet at parties and get together.

  1. Rasa Halal Delights

This is one of the best options for halal buffet catering in Singapore which also happens to be one of the most affordable mini buffet menus. It never fails to delight the guests with an array of 8 courses. Some of the must have are the Ocean Catch, Main Dish, and Savoury Dish. You can finish the meal with a delicious dessert of your choice.

  1. Team catering

It is a mini buffet consisting of 9 items and is ideal for lunches, birthday parties, and casual meet-ups. The mini buffet includes poultry, fish, finger food, and a packet drink to give an end to the lip smacking meal. You can place a customised order by choosing 9 dishes from an array of 60.

  1. ICS Catering

ICS is a popular mini buffet catering in Singapore which comes with 7 courses and features local cuisine as well as Asian dishes. The dishes include curry chicken with potatoes and Yong chow fried rice. You can end the meal with mini cream puffs.

  1. Eatz catering

The Singapore menu buffet serves local cuisines which includes chicken curry with potatoes, seafood roll and Chinese deluxe mixed vegetables. Eatz remains to be one of the most popular vendors for Singapore mini buffet.

  1. Spark Catering

The mini buffet consists of 7 dishes: noodles/rice, chicken, seafood, vegetables, finger food and dessert. It is a premium catering option in Singapore which promises quality food that is served hot for the event.

Explore the web for more information and suggestions on choosing the right halal buffet catering services in Singapore if you are expecting Muslim guests at your party.

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