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5 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Motorbike:

A bike has to be one of the most loved possessions for a guy, probably the only thing at that for most guys! And it loves you back, doesn’t it? Be it when you are blasting your way on the open highways or sneaking out of the traffic, it diligently serves you till the last drop of petrol in the tank.

So how do you take care of your bike? You needn’t be a pro mechanic to make your bike smile; all you need is a handful of essential tips that can assure a good health to your bike.

Here are the top 5 Essential tips for a healthy motorbike:

Clean the Air Filter:
Just like we humans need oxygen to breath, our bikes need the air to function properly. The fuel in the bike needs air for the combustion to happen. A cleaner air helps in a better combustion of the fuel, improving the engine efficiency. So having the air filter cleaned could drastically improve the performance of your engine. We all need our heart in a good condition, don’t we?

Change the Engine Oil:

A good level of oil is important to maintain an effective circulation. Make of note of checking the oil level for every 1000 km and fill it up with the right amount. The frequency may vary depending upon the age of the bike and the oil you use. The modern bike tends to have more efficient engines so probably need the oil less often. And synthetic oils tend to be more efficient and obviously little expensive too. If you are a newbie, you definitely need that company instruction manual, read the instructions carefully and you are good to go.

Take a Special Care of the Engine:

The heart of the bike: Engine, must be attended to, with special care. The carburetor and spark plug of the engine needs a special mention here. Spruce up the carburetor for every 1.5-2k km of your travel. On the other hand, the spark plug is vital for proper engine combustion, so you must ensure that it’s all good (clean) for every 3000 km of your ride.

Monitor the Bike Tires Regularly:

This is the most basic yet an underrated tip that can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to bike maintenance. The tires are the ones that are overtly exposed to the variety of weather and ground conditions, so always check for those sneaky cracks, holes or scrapes that can put you at risk. It is also advisable to check the tire pressure. While over-inflation could result in loss of grip, not enough air could create problems. So, check the tire pressure regularly for optimal health of your bike.


Tip: Heat expands the air the tire and can give you a false reading, so always gauge the pressure after the tires cool down

Spruce-up Those Brakes:

These lifesavers deserve all the attention you could muster. Ensure a proper spacing for both the brakes holding the tire. Replace the brake pads in case they are thinner than 2mm.However, you should have them checked for every 10k kilometers, depending on the terrain you drive. Also, make sure that the brake fluid is taken care of. Over the time the fluid cylinders absorb moisture and become ineffective so have them replaced once in every year or two.

If you still find above tips slightly over the top for you, take a thorough look at the company instruction manual and have your bike serviced at a Service Centre in your presence, you will definitely pick a thing or two.

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