Two simple ways to digitalize your personalized artwork

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Not everyone is an artist, and not all artists gain the recognition they deserve. While artists once had to wait for people to buy their work, things have changed because of the internet. If you know where to look, and how to use het internet to your benefit, you can gain not only national, but also international fame and reclaim using the help of the internet.

Even if you know where to post your work, you also first need to know how to publish your work online to gain worldwide exposure. If you are one of those artists who needs help digitalizing your work, don’t worry. These tips should help you out.

1.Using digital photography
You can take digital photographs of your art using a DSLR camera, and a tripod, a stand for your art piece and a white poster board or something white for a clear white background. Now place your art piece on the stand, with a plain white background and set your DSLR camera on the tripod.
Your art piece should look flat through the camera. After setting your camera for the best quality and detailed picture, click your photo and transfer it to your PC or laptop. It’s now up to you to upload and share it wherever you want!

2.Scan your work
Another option for digitalizing your artwork, to produce better quality prints is by scanning it. This is because scanned 2D images give better quality and lighting. You have to choose the scanner size based on your artwork size.

All you need to do is clean and ensure the scanner’s glass is dirt-free before placing your piece of art evenly on it. Then using the scanner’s preview tool, choose the parts of the art piece you want to scan. Once done, and you are happy with the brightness and contrast of the scanned image, save it. You can now upload your artwork wherever you please.

While there are many sites where you can upload your art to have them sold, there are also many online customized printing companies that need artwork from artists like you. You can upload your pictures here, and you can earn money every time your picture is chosen and used for printing personalized apparel like t-shirts, hoodies and aprons.

There is an increased need for customized printed coffee mugs and hats for promotional reasons and to present unique gifts to loved ones. With this increased need is the increased demand for artists like you, looking for avenues to expose your artwork! (Buy online coffee mugs)

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