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Leading cardiologist in Gurgaon explains Thrombosis as the formation of the blood clot inside the blood vessels. When the arteries carrying the blood to different organs get partially blocked or slows down build up plaque, this situation usually ends up jelling the blood cells and forming the blood clot. Thrombosis may occur in arteries or veins.

Top cardiologist in India lists down the major causes of Thrombosis:

• Heart failure

• Obesity

• Shock

• Stroke

• Previous occurrence of Thrombosis

• Respiratory failure

• Age factor

The heart Hospital in Gurgaon explains different types of existing Thrombosis:-

1. Deep Vein Thrombosis- As the name suggests, this kind of thrombosis usually occurs in the deep part of one’s body. DVT usually happen in deep muscles of one’s legs/pelvis and arms.

2. Thrombotic Stroke- In this type of stroke, one of the arteries inside the brain forms the blood clot. This clot slowly affects the brain in such a manner that the brain gradually stops working. The clots in the brain can turn out to be deadly and hence must be taken care of properly.

3. Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis- When the the blood clot is formed at the back end of the eye socket, it is called Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis. Its main causes are infections in the eyes, face, nose, teeth. The symptoms for this particular clot include pain/irritation/swelling in the the eyes.

4. Portal Vein Thrombosis-When the clot is formed in the portal vein, it is known as Portal Vein Thrombosis. The Portal vein is responsible for the blood flow between intestines and liver.

5. Femoral Vein Thrombosis- The femoral vein is in one’s leg downwards from the groin, this type of thrombosis happens in that vein of the leg. These veins are closer to the surface of the skin and thus are more prone to clotting than the deeper veins/arteries.

Best cardiologist in Gurgaon says each type of Thrombosis requires different types of treatment as they occur in separate parts of the body.

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