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Being a traveling nurse is a rewarding and appealing job with many benefits.  But this career can pose some uncertainty and cash influx can vary from month to month depending on your job placement.  For this reason, it is important for traveling nurses to be careful with your spending and your saving. We recommend these budgeting tips to help with better money management.

Our top 3 budgeting tips for traveling nurses are:

  • Insurance: Some employers of traveling nurses provide insurance benefits but many, unfortunately, do not.  To avoid surprise expenses, it is important to purchase insurance for yourself that covers vision, dental, general health, and travel.
  • Set a Monthly Budget:One of the best ways to manage expenses is to keep a monthly budget.  This will help you understand what expenses are regular and important. Be sure to include a category just for your personal needs and allow yourself to have fun and relieve stress. By monitoring your spending you will be able to identify unnecessary expenditures and minimize them.
  • Compare prices and look for coupons: There are so many ways to save money when you are traveling, all you need to do is spend a little time and do a bit of research. Be sure to compare prices when you are renting a place or a vehicle.  Look for coupons or discounts available for any tourist attractions you plan to visit.  And keep an eye out for coupons for expenses like groceries, medicine, clothes, shoes, and medical equipment such as stethoscopes.

In addition to these budgeting tips, we also recommend you choose your job placement agency wisely.  A reputed agency will provide better jobs with a variety of benefits such as housing, travel, food coupons, continuing education, etc. These agencies also help you with license renewal or transfers when moving to another state.

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