This is How You can Select the Perfect Diamond Ring to Propose Him

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In matters of the heart, when you know, you just know! For some couples, that acknowledgment that they’ve discovered the One prompts marriage. Customarily, it’s a man who proposes to a lady, frequently with a bright diamond jewelry ring. Be that as it may, customs are exhausting! We say, on the off chance that you need to be the one to get down on one knee and propose to him, put it all on the line! Apparently, all the wedding band shopping suggestions out there don’t apply when you’re searching for the ideal band rather than a jewel solitaire. So we sat down with the ring specialists at Perrian for their master tips and traps for purchasing your beau the ideal diamond jewelry ring—and in addition a look at some of their most loved styles!

Size estimation

The trickiest piece of purchasing an engagement ring is ensuring it fits. While it’s somewhat simpler to make sense of a lady’s size by looking into her adornment box (or notwithstanding swinging to an awesome goldsmith who can figure her size in light of her stature and weight!); the same doesn’t generally apply for men.

Obviously, on the off chance that he as of now wears a ring, you’re in good fortune. The professionals prescribe noticing which finger he wears it on: If it’s his middle or index finger, buy a ring in a marginally littler size. Numerous individuals discover their ring finger is one half to a full size littler than their center digits.

No diamond jewelry box to swing to? Try to know from one of his family members (whom you can trust with a mystery!) on the off chance that they know his size, or welcome a male companion with comparable size hands to come shopping with you and fill in as your size model.

Also, obviously, note that numerous rings can be resized! So if it’s too huge or too little, there are choices to make the diamond jewelry fit impeccably.


In case you’re dating a man who doesn’t wear much diamond jewelry, trying to identify which ring he’d like can be a test. There are a couple of variables to remember as you’re perusing the engagement ring.

The first is living style. In the event that he works with his hands and there’s a possibility, his diamond jewelry could be harmed, search for a valuable metal like gold or platinum. It can be polished again and made it look simply new! In the event that he has an office job, an elective metal like cobalt, titanium, Damascus steel could be an incredible alternative.

You ought to likewise think about his closet. A person who lives in T-shirts and pants likely doesn’t need something ostentatious, so look for some basic styles. In the event that he wears a suit routinely and has a more cleaned closet, he may like a ring with a more refined style. Go to Perrian’s designer jewelry online help section outfitted to get help in finding the perfect engagement ring for him.

Also, try to see whether your diamond jeweler offers a redesign or allows you to exchange your diamond jewelry. Perrian guarantees he can choose another ring further down the road if his style, his way of life, or your budget has changed.

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In matters of the heart, when you know, you just know! For some couples, that acknowledgment that they've discovered the One prompts marriage. Customarily, it's a man who proposes to a lady, frequently with a bright diamond jewelry ring.


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