Things to look for in an ideal preschool for your child

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During a child’s growing years, his first interaction with the wide, unfamiliar world outside happens when he enrols at a preschool. These formative years are extremely crucial and help in moulding the child’s character and personality. At a preschool, children interact with people other than the immediate family, experience classroom environment for the first time, interact with kids of their own age and learn
to spend some time away from the sheltered environment of their homes.
You may harbour dreams of enrolling your little one at the Best Preschool for Kids in thane and provide the best foundation to his education and future career. It is therefore important to look for the following points while choosing the right preschool
for your child:
Cleanliness: You will want your child to spend those 2-3 hours of his first experience at a school that is neat and clean. Visit the school during school hours and ensure that it has an inviting look, is bright and is large enough for children to move around. Check the washrooms to find out if the wash-basins and toilet seats
are clean and right sized. Lookout for food spilled around, unwashed toilet areas and bad odours. Your child will be eating, playing and probably even taking naps, so make sure you feel comfortable.
Toys and books: A preschool is known by the toys, books, games and other accessories it has on its premises. Your child will learn to interact with toys, share them with others and hence it is important there are enough of them to go around. Games will promote creativity and healthy competitiveness and are a must at every preschool. If there are books kept at strategic locations, your child will automatically
learn to pick them up and read them, thus inculcating a very important habit.
Quality of staff: Your child should learn strong philosophies of discipline and sharing and the preschool staff will play a major role in this learning. A caring and thoughtful staff is a must at the preschool so that every kid is comfortable in the school environment as he explores the social activities and expands thinking capabilities. See how the existing students of the playschool interact with each other
as happy children are an indicator of the schools’ environment.

Updated and Creative curriculum: A good preschool will have a balanced mix of group activities, reading, crafts, physical activities and meal times. If your child is studying at the best preschool in thane west, nap time will also be included in the curriculum to help them relax and rest. A tight schedule could restrict a child’s creativity and free spirit so check if the curriculum is updated to ensure freedom.

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