The Top Reasons for Businesses to Opt For IP PBX Systems

July 5, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Communications

Private Branch Exchange, better known as PBX, refers to the private telephone network that is used in an organization or company. The companies that have PBX enabled phone systems to get communicate within and outside their company using various communication channels like analog, ISDN, or Voice over IP. PBX allows free phone calls between the users and you get to have more phone compared to physical phone-lines. The additional features like call queues, interactive voice menu, call recording, voicemail, and transfer calls are also enabled by PBX.

With the use of the traditional form of PBX, there is constraint regarding the number of external or internal telephone lines that you can use. Switching to IP PBX Phone System opens up possibilities as it has several advantages over traditional form of PBX. The following are some of the top advantages of IP PBX systems.

It utilizes the Local Area Network: The IP PBX systems will stay on your network using the existing Local Area Network. Since, the PBX serves stays only at a short distance, latency and signaling distance remains really short. It does waste time or falters in the quality of connectivity on offer.

Lower costs of operation: Getting the IP PBX on premise lowers the costs over time. You can compare it to the costs of hosting Voice over IP. The initial costs of VoIP are lower than IP PBX but when you consider the monthly subscription costs, it turns out higher than using IP PBX. For systems that have a high number of users, IP PBX will have low average monthly operating cost.

Easy to configure and install: The IP PBX system is really to operate for anyone who has some basic knowledge and experience of working with networks. The configuration and installation becomes further easy for anyone who is familiar with the asterisk based PBX system with a front GUI.

Simple to move the phones: The phones become IP based and thus, just like PCs, they are easier to move around. Move them as you want from one connection to other and they find the home and connect back to PBX server. A simple moving of phones no longer requires you to change the cross connects and get the technician involved.

Easy systems for management: The GUI you see in the IP PBX systems is more user friendly compared to the traditional systems. The additions and changes can be easily made in the IP PBX systems that you install on your premise.

If you are considering getting a new in-house PBX, then the IP PBX needs to be your first choice. The IP PBX systems are the future of business communication regardless of whether you opt for a proprietary manufacturer or asterisk based one.

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