The Fulbright Scholarship program for Study in USA

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The Fulbright scholarship is easily one of the most recognized and prestigious scholarships that is available to high achieving and meritorious students… The Fulbright scholarship was started in the year 1946 in the aftermath of the Second World War, in order to meaningfully utilize surplus war funds towards promoting international goodwill and understanding among students from different countries.  The bill was passed into law by the then US president Harry S. Truman.

Distinguishing factors of the Fulbright program

  1. The Fulbright program has annually awarded 8000 grants to students from 160 countries annually and has awarded 360000 grants till date.
  2. The Fulbright program awards two distinct grants,
    1. The Fulbright student program, which awards scholarships to US students who wish to pursue their course of study in USA or abroad
    2. The other is the Fulbright scholars program which is intended for international students who aspire to study in USA.
  3. The Fulbright scholarship offers life changing opportunities for students and young professionals to take up international graduate study, advanced research, school teaching and university teaching in Countries across the world.
  4. The list of Fulbright alumni includes many distinguished personas from various walks of life.  Members of Congress, ambassadors, judges, CEOs, university presidents, journalists, artists, professors and lecturers are among the various professions represented in the Fulbright alumni list.
  5. Some of the notable Fulbright alumni include Amar Bose – the founder of Bose Corporation, Joseph Stiglitz – recipient of Nobel memorial prize in economics (2001) and chief economist at the World Bank, David Bradley – owner of Atlantic media company, Sylvia Plath – poet and many more.
  6. Fulbright alumni have held distinguished positions and have played key roles in academia, government and industry.
  7. Thirty three of them have served as heads of state and ten have been elected to US congress. Also, many Fulbright alumni have gone on to win awards for excellence in their fields. Eighty two of them have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize and thirty three have received the Nobel Prize.

The Fulbright program is a distinguished honor that sets its awardee apart from the rest of the crowd


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