The Change and How to Cope Up With It

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It is said that change is the only constant. If, change is a constant, then why are we so scared of this constant. We always look for easier options so that we don’t have to face the change. And this aversive attitude towards change is something we are born with. We are not taught about it but it is as natural as the process of a new life. As an infant, we don’t want any changes in the way we are fed or in our sleep pattern. Any attempt by a grown up to change a child’s behaviour to make him / her more responsible is met with resistance.

As we grow older, we accept so many changes around us… changes in our own behaviour, changes as in our parents attitude, teacher’s attitude & expectations, and most of the times changes in the physical world around us. In the hind sight, I realise that most of these changes had to be accepted by me out of compulsion… there was no other way but to accept them and move on. And, at the same time I think that those changes were good for me and they helped in so many different ways. Yet, if there is be any new change to be introduced in my life today, I will be averse to it.

Let’s try to see why is this constant – the change – so important in our lives. If, I wasn’t going to change, the foremost thing would be that I won’t be the person that I am today. I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people around me who mean the world and shape my world today. I wouldn’t have been to so many different places (these new places also denote change). So, now if I were to think again about my view about “the change” then I would probably feel that I like it and it’s a good thing that is happening in my life.
How to be positive about this constant called “Change”?
Is it more acceptable when it is initiated by us?

May be yes! Is it acceptable when it is introduced by our loved ones? May be yes for that too! What happens when the change is thrusted upon us by an outside force? Our first reaction is resistance. We don’t want that to happen to us and we often find ourselves saying that I could do better without that. But, it is not the case. We cant always do better without changing even if the new change has to be accepted out of compulsion.

Once, we acknowledge the change, it becomes much easier for us to deal with it. And that is how opportunities are turned into golden ones to bear fruits for us for all our lives. Even, if we are scared of the unknown, just drive ahead with a positive mind and cross the bridge when it comes. Sometimes, being not prepared helps as it is a situation when we will have very low expectations of the outcome which in turn means a relatively stress free situation to work under. Low stress, along with a positive mind is a sure shot way to success.

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