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The Rising Popularity of Canadian Universities

There was a time when US universities were the most popular universities amongst students intending to Study abroad. Of late, however there is a remarkable shift in the thought process of students who prefer Universities of Maple leaf country, than any other abroad Universities of the world. Especially top ranked universities such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and McGill University are chosen by students with top priority. The number of applicants to these universities has been steadily increasing over the years. The reasons for this shift can be many. We explore the various reasons for the same here below.

Increased probability of Getting Canadian PR

The main among them being the reduced ease of transition from being a student in each of these countries to obtaining a work permit. Students who Study in Canada are far more likely to successfully apply for a work permit than students who study abroadin USA. Also those who Study in Canada are encouraged to find work and settle in Canada whenever possible. The continuous demand among students in choosing Canada for education abroad programs is that, while applying for Canada PR through Express Entry system, education in Canada provides extra points in CRS scoring, which makes the process easier. This fact boosts the student world who pursue foreign education in Canada and improve the probability of being selected in a draw.

Ease of admission in Canadian Universities

The admission process in USA is more competitive as compared to the process for those who seek overseas education in Canada. This stems from the fact that students who Study in Canada apply to fewer universities than those that study in USA.  This causes a higher acceptance rate for students who apply for Canadian Universities. Also the quality of research for students who go for internships and research programs in Canada at the top universities is increasing and Canadian universities are being ranked amongst the best in the world for research.

Canadian University Graduates have higher employability

The employability of students who Study in Canada is also on par with the top ranked Universities in the world and someone educated in the country, even one who studies in a mediocre university is far more likely to find a job compared to a student who studies inthe Universities of USA. 98% of the students, after their successful completion of their selected course shall be placed within 3 months of time in the work near or far. Most students who study in Canadian Universitiesare likely to find jobs before completion of their course than those who study in USA. The prevalent labor shortage in the tech sector ensures that there is a job waiting for a student graduating from particular field.

Affordable fee structures along with scholarships

The education system is public funded in Canada and university level education is subsidized with scholarships for the low and medium level income holders. The merit students often granted with scholarships that completely support their postsecondary, college and university education. This makes the fee low and affordable while maintaining world-class education for all the students who choose the country as their foreign education destination. This is one advantage for students to choose Canada for their masters abroad.

The upgraded smart classrooms with user-friendly student portals

The students are provided with log in accounts for the student portals in each University equipped with separate software that makes the connection between the student, their concerned professors, and parents easier. The students are allowed to submit their assignments with their respective accounts and the syllabus and the notes will be made available in the slot provided. The parents are given access to know the progress of students in the portal with their respective logins where, they can communicate with the subject professors at ease during the study abroad program. This brings a great advantage for students, teachers and parents of Universities of Canada.

Canadian Universities are perceived as Safe

Lastly the rising popularity of Canadian Universities amongst students who Study abroad  can be attributed to the fact that in the wake of recent policy changes by USA, UK and Australia, Canada is perceived as being a more open and friendly country towards immigrants and international students. While the rest of the developed countries are focused on closing their borders to new immigrants and protecting jobs for their citizens, Canada is openly welcoming more immigrants into its fold. As such parents of students who send their children for overseas education are more likely to encourage them to study in Canadian universities than in any other country.




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