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It’s absolutely wrong to simply think that social media management is just posting content to a business’s social media channel. The management of social media is multi-faceted and complex. The following are skills that a social media manager should have;

A customer Service Mindset

So many clients are using social media now. Therefore, your social media manager should have a mindset of always putting the client first. Posting witty content will not get you that far, its how you respond to clients is what will make the difference. Quick and satisfactory response is what clients need more.

An Aptitude for Writing

A social media manager should have an impeccable grasp of the language and the ability to express themselves clearly in writing. While your social media manager will not be writing your blog post always, he or she will be communicating with clients on a daily basis and 99% of this will be in writing. Therefore, they should be good.

Graphics Production

According to research, pieces with an image receive 94% more views that ones without. For any business that has a target market of women, millennials and teens, images appeal to them more. Therefore, high quality images are a plus here.

Great understanding of content marketing and SEO

Understanding of these two factors is necessary to be successful in this field. He or she should possess a big picture and understanding of  blogs or articles for example and run hand in hand with search rankings.

Advertising Experience

Your social media manager should have a background or knowledge of paid social ads. Social media advertising is one of the top two priorities for marketers.

In addition, clients use social media to ask for clarification on certain goods and services, ask for recommendations, praise products and services that they like as well as complain about experiences that they may not have liked.

Your clients always want a fast response when they contact you. They want it ASAP nad also want an accurate answer.

Moreover, they want your brand personality through the personality that you bring on your social media account.

Having great social media management as well as engagement is one of the best ways to stay aware of what people are saying about your brand as well as fulfilling your customers expectations.

Great social media management ensures that your business is offering advanced customer experience. In addition, it ensures that you reduce the overall cost of serving your clients.

Social media has turned into a resourceful customer care center and gone are the days where clients would wait in a long line just to solve a certain issue. Clients won’t stay on hold for long periods. It offers one an avenue to have their issue resolved promptly.

On social media, the world is watching and no brand is willing to compromise. Please visit us at to learn more about how we can take care of your social media issues effectively and professionally.

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