Smoking Accessories that will Make Your Habit Fun

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Smoking, as everyone knows is a dangerous habit. Still, it has been prevalent in our world since ages and even today, many youngsters are getting trapped with this habit. With more and more people getting into the habit of smoking, companies are coming up with new and interesting smoking accessories that can make your habit more fun. Today you can find all kinds of bongs, pipes, rolling boards, sniffers etc in market today that takes less time and are fun to use.

Apart from accessories, there are tools and gadgets that assist in easing out the smoking process like grinders, smashers, lighters etc. So, if you are a smoker who wants to upgrade, here is list of some gadgets that can help a great deal in functionality and storage:-

  • Rolling boxes – Rolling boxes are essentially used for storing your stash in one place. it provides ease of accessibility and even prevent from loss of any equipment. Depending on your need, you can find all kinds of shapes and sizes. Earlier there were boxes where you could only keep paper and tobacco. However, today you can find larger boxed where you can even store lighters, grinders and more. There are many online smoke shops that offer different varieties of accessories.
  • Lighters – You must have heard a popular idiom “there is no smoke without fire”. Though the meaning is absolutely different, but if take reference to context, you need something to light up your cigarette. Good quality lighters are little expensive, but can be refilled and can even withstand rain or wind. Many smokers use jet flame lighters to avoid intolerable chemicals.
  • Bongs – if you like to throw a party where you are planning to invite all your smoking friends, then you should definitely go for bongs. Bongs are like an entertaining device for smoker where everyone can enjoy different flavours of smoke. Many online shops have bongs for sale and you can get some interesting looking bongs that can make you look stylish in front of your friends.
  • Stashbox – For people who smoke, they always need something to store their stash. In order to maintain freshness and keeping it safe, there are stash boxes that can help you keep your herbs safe. These small vacuum boxes keep your stash away from spilling and even prevent it from getting squashed when kept in your bag. The stashboxes come in variety of colours and shapes. Even if you are not a smoker, you can use these boxes for different purposes like travelling containers or storing coins etc.
  • Odor neutralizing spray – Not everyone near you enjoy the smell of tobacco. So, if you have people who do not appreciate the habit, then this spray can work amazing for you. This spray will neutralize odor causing molecules and remove any residue smell.

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Fumigene Inc is the largest distributor of smoking products in all the provinces of Canada. We sell bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, sprays and accessories at the reasonable prices.


Fumigene Inc is the largest distributor of smoking products in all the provinces of Canada. We sell bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, sprays, and accessories at reasonable prices.

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