What are sliders and do I have to wear Slippers Slides?

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Due to consciousness of healthy state; people are very aware about everything which related to their living and their health. Take off the footwear out of the main door of house is become a routine habit. If it also occurs at your home then it is really good habit. Because each person is concern about the cleanliness; and slippers are the best option when you take off your footwear out of the house. Slippers are mainly indoor wearing; and if you don’t want to wear them outside your house you can fresh your house’s floor as well as your feet keeps clean. The back of the slippers is totally open that’s why it’s named as Slippers Slides; and other advantage of them is that you can only slide your foot into the slippers. Slides Slippers is one of the top choice in the slippers. Ladies Slippers should be pleasant as well as comfortable because you wear the slippers all around your home. If you are finding for comfort your main choice would be choosing a slipper with padded sole. Most of the ladies are very choosy so that woman has divided slippers in different different categories as pointed toe slides,  black rubber slides, logo slides, Black Slides, Slippers Slides, suede slides, leather slides, satin slides, because ladies are very concerned about the street trend  as well as they love to be in fashion and comfort also. At present time, we can see slides are coming in various styles and types which would be including booties, moc –slippers etc. Slippers are largely used in indoor but in this time people also choose these types of slippers outside of the home; its looks so charming as well as very cozy in wear. You are definitely being shocked as you look through the lots of trend style as well as various styles of the slippers are available in store JESSICCA BUURMAN. Slides are come in various styles as well as many colors. We also had given various names according to their look as well as their styles.

  • Studded Flat Slipper Slides
  • Embroidery Velvet Slippers
  • BALON Embellished Slippers
  • Velvet Slide Slippers with Fur
  • Scarf Slippers Slides
  • Basic Fur Slide Slippers
  • Cut Out Slippers Slides
  • Twin Chain Slipper Slides
  • Leather Slipper Slides
  • Platform Slippers Slides
  • Basic Flat Scarf Slippers Slides
  • Basic Cut Out Slippers Slides
  • Knotted Satin Slippers Slides
  • Studded Basic Cut Out Slippers Slides


At JESSICCA BUURMAN, in there you have a wide range of various designs of slippers. The best feature of these types of slippers is that they are easy to wash as well as highly enjoyable. You can be washed in regular washing machine if you don’t want to throw them.  Slippers are mainly made to look adorable as they are worn and your feet are surely safe from the outside environment. We always try to add small changes in our material. Woman slippers also have the hard sole it depending on the use as well as soft. Some ladies who like to wear typical are like most fashionable as well as daring in them, select Embroidery Velvet Slippers. These types of slippers are not only popular for their comfort; they are also popular for their look. One of them come entirely different type which is microwavable slippers and that we designed for them who likes to wear fur, this type of slippers are very worm to wear. We have also Buckled Flat Slipper which looks surely different and funky. Slippers in Velvet with fur; looking so cool because they are completely covered by the fur which is looking cozy as well as is made up with velvet. When you elect to wear your slippers mainly the leather slippers, you can enumerate on wearing slippers slides for long time period, these types of slippers are erect to last. When we wear the Slippers Slides in the morning, afternoon, or evening, in summer or winter, then we realized the many days and many seasons are passing and the slippers are still flawless. When we are talking about the level of comfort with slippers, then we are completely satisfied with high level of reliability as well as comfort of these slippers is high.

JESSICABUURMAN is online store for fashion-forward people, where we do not sell any other designer brand products. All our products do not carry any other designer brand logo or/and label. We have warehouses situated in Australia and Hong Kong China. Everything we present is chosen with passion and love, and we really wish you’ll love it. Our aim is to give you the most reasonable and popular styles with the highest of quality along with the most customized customer experience available online. We also provide FREE worldwide shipping on all orders. Our buyers can also adore piece of mind by using our live tracking service, which will authorize them to attend the progress of delivery in real time. By associate with JESSICA BUURMAN, you’ll special discount, receive free products and free store credit on all our fabulous pieces.

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At JESSICABUURMAN, we do NOT sell any other designer brand products. All our products do NOT carry any other designer brand logo or/and label.


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