Simple Tips to Help You in Establishing Yourself as a Legal Consultant

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A legal consultant is a person who offers expert and professional legal advice on the contractual basis to the businesses or individuals. The legal counselling is a lucrative field in Singapore and offers great career opportunities. The legal counsellors offer their valuable insight on a number of matters. It depends on what is the focus of their consulting. Some of the common areas of consulting include real estate, corporate law, medical law, and employment law.

For becoming a legal consultant, one needs to acquire formal degree and relevant experience finding an appropriate job in the consulting world. There are several legal counsel jobs Singapore and once can apply as per their preference and the industry they wish to have exposure in.

Here’s a look at key points to establish you as a legal counsellor:

1. Graduation

To begin with you need to take the bachelor’s degree from the four year university. After the bachelor’s degree you need to take the LSAT, i.e. Law School Admissions Test which determines your ability to succeed in the law school. After LSAT, you can choose a law school of your choice for professional degree.

2. Work during school years

While it is very difficult to find out some time when you are still in the law school, it is important to start as early as possible to build a meaningful resume. If it is difficult during the school days, you can at least try to work during the summers.

3. Get a license

Once you have completed the graduation from the law school and interested in practicing law for gaining legal experience, you need a license to practice law from the state you plan to work in. While it is not mandatory to get a license, it is certainly an add-on as most employers look for license and experience when hiring a legal counsellor.

4. Gain legal experience

Once you have received the license, you should start looking for opportunities to enter the legal filed you are passionate about. It has been observed that, most of the employers look for an experience of at least 3 years while hiring the legal counsellor. If you are clear about the field you wish to work in, try searching opportunities in that field.

5. Entry level consulting experience

Once you have gained some general legal experience, you need to look for consulting level opportunities. Most of the employers want to hire a legal counsellor who has 2 to 6 years of experience in the specific field. If you wish to start your own consulting firm in future, you would need some experience to gain customer trust. Whatever you learn during your job will help in building your portfolio.

Explore the web for more information on how to apply for get legal recruitment Singapore jobs and tips to get through them.

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