Significance And Ideas For Mandap Decoration In Bangalore

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A mandap is an important element of almost every Indian wedding. A mandap is a sacred temporary structure installed for the purpose of weddings and religious ceremonies. The mandap was traditionally made from wood, but nowadays modern materials are used to add stability and appeal. The mandap is the center of attraction for any wedding. Therefore the mandap needs to be beautifully decked up in order to attract the attention of the guests present at the ceremony. If you are deciding on having your wedding in Bangalore, then you can have it at some of the most amazing garden wedding venues in Bangalore.


Mandap Decoration

Weddings can be held at various venues of your choice. Bangalore has numerous gorgeous wedding venues to set up your mandap for your special day. Bangalore has ideal locations for weddings. You can also easily book the best wedding hotels in Bangalore. Some great ideas towards mandap decoration are:


  1. Candles/Chandeliers

Mandap decorations Bangalore are incomplete without the use of candles or light effects that could be an out of the box idea to decorate your mandap. Using real candles to decorate your mandap can give your mandap an awesome effect. Simply adding a glass chandelier in the mandap will add to its beauty. Diyas is also a nice twist. There are a number of stylized diyas available nowadays. You can add them to the side of the stage for best effects.


  1. Fresh Flowers

Using fresh flower decoration for wedding can help decorate your mandap to the best. It is yet another tactic to make your special day even more natural and fresh. Flowers play a vital role in an Indian wedding. If you are a person who likes flowers then choose the best typeof flowers. The fragrance of fresh flowers brings about a romantic mood to the occasion. The color of the flowers can be decided as per your theme. Wedding decoration pictures get an upgrade in appeal and aesthetics that leave you with memories of joy. Try soft colours for the décor. This will naturally bring the vibrancy of flowers to the fore. The soothing colours prevent the wedding décor to turn flashy.


  1. Temple Style Décor

If you want to keep your mandap simple and traditional then go for the temple style décor. Look at flower decoration pictures online to get ideas for a temple style décor. It is gaining popularity nowadays as people want to revisit their original roots. A temple style décor is simply decorated like a temple for the bride and groom.


  1. Beach Mandap

Everybody wants their big day to be unique and great. So why not try the beach mandap? Beach mandap would refer to setting up your mandap on a beach or near tothe beach. It could also simply mean decorating the mandap in a creative manner that gives a beach vibe to the ceremony. The wedding decorations will also turn out to be unique, thanks to flip-flops and a casual reception.

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