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There were days when the environment outdoors and indoors was not very different, as there was a lot of greenery everywhere. Today, with changing lifestyles and compact style of living, it may become difficult to have lush greenery inside. But, all thanks to plant hire services, you can have them too!

According to the researches including plants in your interiors is a good choice as they are good for you as well as your building in a variety of subtle ways. And when it comes to having Indoor Plants, then it is like icing on the cake. All thanks to beautiful and affordable plant hire services, now you imagine a greener home in a beautiful city! Sound amazing, right? But there comes another constraint that is your busy schedule which makes it hard for you to take care of your indoor plants.

To be honest, one really doesn’t need to be an environmental psychologist to understand the need of Indoor plants and indoor plant hire! It is, but when you dig a little deeper you find that the importance and value of indoor plants are much more than just the aesthetics. By this, it implies that having lush green indoor plants have more eminence than one actually assumes.

Why should you settle in for the plant hire system?

Well, apart from just your preference to have greenery all around, be it indoors or outdoors, opting for indoor plants have a lot of other benefits. Some of them are listed below –

As we already mentioned that indoor plants increase the aesthetic beauty of your place.

Secondly, it helps you to reduce stress. Yes, your environment and surroundings play a very critical role in your mood, if you stay around dead and dusty things then it will increase negativity in your mood but if you fix indoor plants and stay around them then it will give you a lively feeling and will increase positivity.

Thirdly, indoor plants increase our overall well-being. Actually, there is a connection between the environment and human health. When you see greenery around you it gives you a sense of ease. We experience less anxiety and feel happier around plants and when you feel happy throughout the day, your overall well-being increases automatically.

Last but not least and the most unknown fact about plants is that they lower background noise. Yes, when there are plants around you the unwanted background noises reduce naturally which makes you feel relaxed.

Just hire and forget about the rest, including maintenance

Yes, you read it absolutely right. All thanks to the awesome companies who have beautiful and affordable plant hire services, they will allow you to hire the best indoor plant, and will also take care of it. You don’t even have to worry about the maintenance of your indoor plants because there are various professionals out there in your city who actually take care of everything. From choosing the best plants for your place to taking care of its health, the professional will do it all themselves. The most common services provided by these companies are –

  • Indoor plant designing
  • Installation of the plants, bushes or grass
  • Maintenance – from chopping them off on a regular basis, to replacing them with fresh stock on a regular basis

Well, to add the cherry on the cake, the indoor plant hire service companies provide their services not just to one industry. They cater to almost all industries including –

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Retail business stores
  • Other commercial spaces

What’s included as part of the plant hire service?

Apart from just bringing the best plants to your doorstep and maintaining it from time to time, the companies perform the below-mentioned activities –

An on-site inspection for zero costing: When you call them, they come to the space to inspect it in person. They will then, based on their evaluation suggest plants. They provide pots, mud and plants for hire.

Free quotation of their services: Once they do an inspection, they go the extra mile to provide you with a quote on their suggested services. Opt for anyone, or multiple of them

It is sure that none of you can deny the above mention facts about indoor plant hire and after reading such benefits you cannot resist having indoor plants at your place, right? And just think about it when you have professionals to take care of your plants even in your absence than what else can be better? The professionals of indoor plants are really efficient that you can completely rely on them. They provide you with the finest quality of plants and other supplements as well. So, whether you are building a new place for you or just remaking the old one, do not forget to fix the indoor plants.

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Are you looking for hiring indoor office plant in Melbourne? Then, we at Foliage Indoor Plant Hire is an experienced company offering best interior plant design services to meet your needs at very affordable rates.


Are you looking for hiring indoor office plant in Melbourne? Then, we at Foliage Indoor Plant Hire is an experienced company offering best interior plant design services to meet your needs at very affordable rates.

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