To Sell Your Old Jewelry or Exchange It With New One?

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Sometimes, you need to sell your jewelry to Gold Buyers Woodland Hills for variety reasons. It may be broken, may not be your desired piece of jewelry or you may need immediate cash. Whatever be the reason, you deserve to get the best price possible for your old jewelry. If your finances are not in crisis and you are just selling your old, undesired jewelry because you want it no more, should you just sell it for cash or exchange it for brand new piece of jewelry?

Selling Your Old Jewelry For Cash

There are many stores that buy old, used gold and diamond jewelry in lieu of cash, but you cannot expect to sell it at the price of new jewelry. Even if you bought it recently and it is in optimal condition, you’ll be offered a heavily discounted price. The reason for this is that stores buy brand new jewelry at wholesale prices, and they are lowly priced than the retail ones. The price the jewelers pay to purchase new jewelry is marked up to cover store’s overhead expenses plus some profit on top. As you can figure it out, jewelry stores don’t stand much to gain by purchasing old jewelry at prices close to retail price when they can get brand new items at a much lower cost.

And if the buyer is buying your old jewelry with intention to melt it down and remount the stones into new pieces, you can expect to be paid a price that reflects the cost of metal and stones. That’s why in majority of cases, you”be only able to sell your old jewelry at half the price of what you paid for it.

Exchanging Your Old Jewelry For New

An alternative to selling your old, undesired jewelry for cash is exchanging it with a new one. You’ll be offered a trade-in price by a Jewelry Store Los Angeles CA that you can use for purchasing another new jewelry item from the store. In such case, you’ll need to pay additional amount to compensate for the difference in the trade-in price and retail price of the new item.

Usually, you will receive a better trade-in price as compared to selling old jewelry for cash. It is so because you’ll be purchasing a new jewelry from the store.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Jewelry

You can do your bit to get the maximum value for your jewelry. Bring in documents that verify your purchase along with appraisals and certificates that help jewelers to judge the quality of your old item. It is also important to clean your old items well to enhance their appearance so that it can fetch a good price. If your old jewelry is free of dust and dirt, the staff at jewelry store won’t have to spend extra time in cleaning it and time is money for any business.

Coming to conclusion, you can sell old jewelry for cash or may trade it in for a new one, but it’s important that you get the best possible price and that’s only possible if you take it to a reputed and reliable jewelry store.

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