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Wedding day celebration can be a great challenge for the people who are taking care of its nitty-gritty. Amid the flurry of different activities involved in the process, anyone could end up exceeding on his/her budget. When it comes to saving on the D-day expenditures, there is always a dearth of the reality check. Everyone who is planning to get hitched should strive not to splurge on a lot of unnecessary things. Wondering how to identify such unnecessary things and brushing them aside to plan the celebration within your budget? The best wedding planner in Kolkata has pointed out some aspects that you might save your money on. Read to know more about them –


It may come as a shock to many, but you can actually save a lot on dolling up yourself on your D-day. Gone are those days, when the eminent makeup artists were the only ones to tweak your knowledge about wedding styles or makeup. Today, the Internet is brimming with legions of D-day makeup tutorials, that you may count on to get a brief idea on how to dress/doll yourself up on your big day. All you need to do is to buy the right wedding makeup essentials, learn how to apply them and bingo! You are good to seal the deal! You may consider borrowing pieces of jewellery and other necessary accessories from your friends or family to save some bucks.

Wedding decor:-

One of the best ways to save your money is to choose a simple wedding decor, which won’t make you dig deep into your pocket. As per the best wedding planner in Kolkata, instead of sprucing up the entryway with some lavish arrangements, you may ask your wedding planners to opt for a simple and affordable theme. The bright and peppy pomander balls are a brilliant option to deck up the entryway or walls of your wedding venue. These will cost you very low, but their effects would be mind-blowing!

Do you really need a bar at your wedding?

It’s a really important query to ponder over while setting up your wedding budget. It’s always a brilliant idea to arrange a bar for your guests, but you should not plan for the same if your budget is not on the steeper side. You may quench your guests’ thirst with beer, wine, and other cocktails. You may hire the best of wedding event management companies in Kolkata to gather some ideas regarding the same. The idea here is to win your guests’ hearts with great food, but not with the expensive alcohols.

Expensive Venue:-

Booking a venue could a tedious task for your upcoming wedding since wedding venues such as banquets/lawns nowadays are exorbitant. So, do you really need to book a posh/overpriced venue for your wedding digging a pothole in your pockets. According to the Best Wedding Planners of kolkata, opting for a mediocre or simple venue is a smarter way to save those bucks n use it effectively.

Desserts must not break your wallet:-

Let’s face the truth – a wedding celebration is simply incomplete without the right desserts. But if you do not want to splurge big bucks on arranging desserts for your guests, then don’t force yourself. Instead of buying those expensive desserts, you might deck up the dessert table with affordable macaroons, pastries, chocolate truffles, or cookies. These sweet treats will blow your guests’ minds instantly!


You may opt for some of these tips and tricks or consult few wedding planners in kolkata to hold yourself back from shelling out big bucks on hosting your D-day.

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