Satellite Communication: Revolutionizing the Availability of Internet on Cruise Ships

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In the modern era, having constant access to an internet connection is almost a necessity for anyone to be able to stay in touch with friends and family, along with being updated about what is happening around the world. Prior to this, no one would have that it would be possible to not only browse the internet while aboard a ship but also to have such a quick and reliable connection. Today, however, mobile internet services have made this possible.

Crew members on commercial vehicles who have to remain at sea for many months at a time can begin to feel isolated due lack of communication with their friends and loved ones leading to very high attrition rates in shipping industry.

How internet has been made available on cruise ships

Providing access to an internet connection at sea is different from providing the connection on land. While the ship sails through the sea, the antenna is required to remain stable so that it constantly points at the satellite which is used to receive and transmit signals.

More and more shipping companies are now realizing the need for an internet connection on-board and are subscribing to best available maritime VSAT services. The internet connection not only makes it easy for crew members to stay connected with the outer world but also helps to ease life aboard a ship, as they can now stay connected with their co-workers and families.

How has on board internet availability helped shipping companies?

The remarkable services by Fleet Xpress provide a high-speed data connection to the sea vessels supporting the Ka-band technology.

• With the introduction of Fleet Xpress in sea vessels, the shipping companies have witnessed a significant reduction in the employee turnover rate.

• Having an internet connection also helps the crew members to stay updated on the climatic condition and directions in case of any confusion.

• Considering the fact that there are only few sea vessels with an internet connection, it will offer shipping companies a distinct edge over others.

Some key features of the Fleet Xpress services:

1. Operational efficiency

It takes maritime communication to the next level which helps the ship owners/ operators in improving their business intelligence and performance, enhance efficiency, crew welfare and running their business effectively.

2. Continuous connectivity

It ensures seamless global mobility with the reliable dual satellite constellation through Ka-band along with unlimited L-band back-up.

3. Guaranteed performance

Reasonable data rates backed by the service-level agreements ensure that the customers receive what they are paying for.

4. Wide options

It offers accurate cost management with several options of flexible subscription packages.

Access to internet services on board is a boon for both passengers as well as crew members; however, it should also be used wisely. Having a working internet connection on board can help shipping companies enhance their business efficiency. Additionally, it also works for the welfare of crew members and keeps them happy as well as motivated.

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