Sakleshpur- The Extremely Peaceful Place for Weekend Getaways

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Summer is the ideal time to decide how to beat the burning rays of the sun as well as enjoy the best time. In peak summer, do you want to relax for some time and plan for a blissful trip to your favorite hill station with your family members? If so, then choose Sakleshpur as your ideal holiday destination. Sakleshpur is a perfect holiday destination because it is completely enclosed by the beautiful architectural beauty, farm area, breathtaking surroundings, and mesmerizing view.

At this destination, a large number of vacationers from all part of the globe come to spend quality time with their dear ones that’s why they make the booking of the reliable holiday resort in Sakleshpur that offering a renowned and cheering hospitality. People who are getting more frustrated with their busy life can choose the destination to stay in the tranquility of the city with their family members.

Why do you need to choose Sakleshpur for holiday trip?

All you must know that one of the most beautiful gifts given by the god on earth is natural beauty whose magic remove all the stress, pain, boredom, and dreariness from the person by providing the perfect escape from tedious life at the heavenly place. This year, if you choose Sakleshpur to get rid of the traumatic and stressful life then clap for your great decision because at first glance you will definitely be lost in its allure. Maybe this is the reason why every person makes a plan of hill station tour in their holidays or leisure time. The tourists who once visit at captivating hill station get compelled to discover the magnificence again and again.

What are the famous sightseeing places in Sakleshpur?

If you are in a Sakleshpur and searching the best sightseeing places to have the memorable weekend trip, then check out the most famous places of the town that provides some of the very best idyllic places suited perfectly for the weekend break. Here are some of the famous places are given below which you can explore during your trip to this amazing holiday destination.

  1. Manjarabad Fort- The aerial view of this fort offers a breathtaking star-shaped manifestation. This fort was built by Tipu Sultan and showcases the brilliance of Islamic architecture in India.
  2. Bisle View Point- It is among the most mesmerizing places to visit in Sakleshpur for sightseeing and escape the humdrum affairs of life. This place offers an adventurous getaway as you can enjoy trekking up to the vantage point and explore the heavenly scenery that surrounds you.
  3. Agni Gudda Hill- It is the ideal place which is encircled with the lush green rice terraces, this tourist spot offers a calming respite from the monotony. This place is the well-liked place for the younger’s and it offers many thrilling activities to them. If you are looking to find the most exhilarating spot to unleash your adventurous spirit, then this place is sure to get you all fired up.
  4. Pandavar Gudda- It’s a well-liked place for enthusiastic photographers because this place offers a majestic vista of the Jenkal Hills.

These are the few places which are visited by travelers every year. If you come to the Sakleshpur with your companions book the luxury homestay in Sakleshpur for your comfortable stay.


Sakleshpur is a very popular holiday destination since it has the perfect combination of rich history and breathtaking natural beauty.

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