Robotic Hand “Dextra” Can Work Faster Than Human Brain

November 27, 2018 | Author: | Posted in Computer & Technologies

In today’s market, busy people always joke that they have to extra hands for juggling all their tasks at one time. But, now it became possible. At ETH Zurich from Switzerland, many students have designed a robot which can work 30 times fastly than the human brain. Neuroinformatics of institute’s sensors group has designed a robotic hand that called “Dextra” by employing a brain motivated neural network and camera.

In fact, a robot is capable of beating you in rock paper scissors game by reading your mind predicting gestures.

ETH Zurich’s professor, Tobi Delbruck said in an interview to media, “Being a quick and fast robot, it is widely used to measure your next move as well as to perform a winning symbol 30 times faster than human”. Again he claimed, “As an independent frame, Traditional AI vision systems are working on picture frames.

MIT researchers have designed an advanced computer vision devices not only for achieving the important tasks but also for testing the accidental objects. It is also expected that the robot will be used for every work in offices and homes by 2025. In a digital world, many innovations are being done in computer vision which allows robots to ensure elementary differences among objects.

This robot can do everything and it has the capability to handle all tasks easily but it can not recognize the object’s shape, that’s why it had to face many difficulties. At Massachusetts which is the Institute of Technology in the US, Scientists invented a new system which is dubbed as DON (Dense Object Nets) for viewing the objects.  

With the aid of innovated prosthetic, paralyzed men can control their movements without any human being’s help. Many experiments have been completed every year which blur the lines between the machine and man. In this article, we will mention an example of a colorblind man who could perceive colors because he was implanted an antenna in his brain. And another example is biohackers who has the capability to unlock doors, store personal data and make payments with the aid of RFID & NFC chips which are embedded into their heads.


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