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Selecting engagement rings can be a daunting process, more so because there are unlimited designs and settings. From simple diamond engagement rings to big engagement rings, there is no dearth of options. More often than not, most people who buy rings are unaware of the settings available.

Without being too technical, one should definitely research on the types of settings a diamond can be placed in. This helps in making an informed choice and by customising these settings, you can also make the ring a unique personal artefact. While some people prefer a more classic and traditional setting, some are looking for more modern, quirky designs. Here is a list of the most famous setting techniques for an engagement ring.

Prong setting

Easily the most recognisable form, the prong setting is a form of metal claw that secures the diamond in place. It is ideal for people who are looking for a classic, clean cut and want something subtle and elegant. It is normal to have four more prongs which are look like hooks and can be customised according to how much metal you want to see on the diamond. The lesser the prongs, more the visibility of the diamond.

Bezel setting

Another popular choice is the bezel setting, wherein a thin band surrounds the solitaire to keep it secure and firmly in place. It is a sleek way of holding the diamond and will not get entangled with clothing unlike the edges of a prong. The only drawback is that it tends to hide a part of the diamond and thus, make it look more metal-heavy. The contemporary design, however, is ideal for the fast paced lifestyle as it does not require much cleaning and attention for maintenance.

Tension setting

As the name suggests, the tension setting places the diamond between the ends of the bands. The ends exert pressure on the diamond to keep it firmly in place, giving it the look of being suspended between two ends. It is perfect for people looking for a modern setting and a truly unique look. It also offers the diamond more visibility and enhances light reflection.

Channel setting

This style is best for those who do not want a very conspicuous design and are looking for a more sleek and modern way to use diamonds. It places smaller diamonds or gemstones in a row on the band itself. It is ideal for stackable rings with no central gemstone.

Whatever your style, there is a setting out there for you. Make sure you do your homework before you buy a ring to ensure that you ring truly reflects your personal style. If you can’t find it in the store, place an online order for a customized design.

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