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Sometimes glaciers called Crystal Caves; the ice caves in Icelandic glaciers are a truly beautiful mesmerizing wonder of nature. Entering a glacier to see the ice cave feels like leaving reality behind and entering a fairy tale. Sparkling like a diamond, cyan blue, and shiny crystal clear in glaciers the ice caves have a surreal atmosphere that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world, only deep inside the body of a glacier.

Eleven percent of the total land area of Iceland is covered by glaciers. This allows you the greatest selection of these beautiful and enthralling natural wonders. With crystal blue caves, natural black ice caves, ice walls that are striped with layers of volcanic ash, man-made ice tunnels, and even indoor ice caves, Iceland has you covered. Learn how ice caves are formed, when the best season to visit ice cave tour Iceland is and where the most interesting ice caves in Iceland are. Let us guide you of Iceland around most amazing ice caves. Tourism Iceland will also give you some photography, clothing, and safety tips to you and your family so that you can have the best possible experience. Read on for our ultimate guide to the tour of Icelandic ice caves.

Most of the natural glacial ice caves are short-lived sparkling and beautiful wonders that form at the beginning of winter and melt or collapse in spring. The ultimate ice cave season to the Iceland glacier tour is between November and March.  During the summer, the blue caverns of ice-caves are full of water and most of the ice caves are inaccessible. This is the time usually when the meltwater reforms and creates many new caves. As the glaciers it is also move, retreat, and change constantly and an ice cave that has collapsed may never appear again.

The Tourism Iceland offer also scheduled Whale watching in Iceland tours from Reykjavik and in North Iceland. During summer you might also see ice-caves puffins, if you have a rental car and bus we recommend driving to Dalvik village in North Iceland for a whale watching tour, they have the highest success rate. Our whale watching Iceland day tours provide you best experience. Popular whale watching day tours selection of our departing from Reykjavik Harbor. Meet us at the harbor or be picked up at your accommodation.

While snow and the ice made from regular flow of the water are white, you may be wondering why glacial ice is so blue. No, it is not Photoshop. It is true that blue. The reason why we perceive snow as white is that it contains a lot of air while you can stay at the blue lagoon Iceland hotel When light hits those air pockets. They look like a million tiny mirrors that scatter the full sparkling spectrum of light in every direction. This is what we see as white.

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