Poly V-Belts Suppliers & Manufacturers are going Social Media savvy

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Gone are the days when Poly V-Belts Suppliers used to stick towards conventional platforms of newspapers or other digests for marketing. Now these stakeholders in a product order chain are gradually turning tech savvy. They are making their digital presence feel through popular online platforms. These platforms may be social media, multimedia or networking websites. Various potentially promising online platforms under the above mentioned categories are stated in an elaborate manner further in this article.


The Conventional Online Platforms:

Firstly, customers need to know that a number of companies who supply these Poly type V-Belts have already set up their corporate websites in the past few years. Further, with the upsurge of the Internet and especially Google as a search engine, they have realized to make their online technical presence felt. When SEO is something that’s as popular as PPC, many such brands have started to understand the essence & importance of blogging and blog sites.

Every second Poly V-Belting supplying company now tries to maintain their online brand name over third party blog sites. They may be Blogger (BlogSpot), WordPress, Medium and so on. But it’s not just about third party blog sites, now these brands also ensure to maintain an on-site blog section of their own. It’s obvious that the home, product and contact pages of their site would remain intact (static) but their blog section content always has a scope to get updated with change of posts. Hence, the readers who are precisely the potential or existing customers can know about the latest product/service updates through the blog section. Similarly, on third party blog sites too these brands can publicize about their V-Belting products as well as know-how posts regarding them to avoid being over promotional but impactful.


The Multimedia Online Platforms:

Next, many such companies that cover Poly V-Belts Manufacturers even set up their presence on multimedia platforms such as YouTube, SlideShare and Instagram. At the moment, one can come across various videos related to Power Transmission belting, V-Belt Manufacturing, V-Ribbed Belt Building Machine and so on.

These companies very well realize that their belting product posting on these platforms would make posts that are good for SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


The Networking Online Platforms:

Finally, the online Networking platforms are surely considered as one of the top most preferred means of various such suppliers and manufacturers. When they have products such as Classical V-Belts then these online social media platforms become far more crucial for the B2B brands.

In the recent few years it has been noticed that forums such as Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Profiles, and LinkedIn are great sources for these companies to attract potential customer leads to sell their V-Belts.

Even the social media platforms such as Pinterest and Google+ that were considered for B2C SEO purposes are turning into great forums for Poly or Classical type V-Belt marketing as well as sales. All such social media sites which used to have fan pages are now providing a great scope for business pages. Certain rubber product supplying companies are getting private messages in their Facebook Business Page inbox that are order inquiries regarding Classical or Poly V-Belts or any other rubber V-Belt product for that matter.

In conclusion, one can surely feel that now online social mediums are a must-try platform for V-Belt manufacturers & even suppliers to earn sales with profit. They are the need of the hour and have immense scope to grow in future.

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