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When we talk of events like weddings, receptions, anniversaries, sangeet, mehendi and such other family and friends get together celebrations the choice of décor of the place becomes really pertinent. The way the venue is prepared to welcome the guest and to host the entire event contributes in a large way to the success of the whole party.


Using flowers for the purpose of decorating a venue is an idea that goes back a long way in our culture. With time what has changed is the way the flowers are arranged, the extra knick knacks that are added to the flowers and the choice of flowers that are chosen for the decoration part.


Some of the plushest wedding venues in Bangalore like the ITC Gardenia Bangalore have exhibited some of the grandest examples of floral decorations for traditional celebrations like weddings and receptions.


The Overhead Shade – The overhead shade is a wedding flower decoration design that is used by a large number of sophisticated venues in Bangalore such as the Royal Palace Bangalore. This heritage site is located in the heart of the city that depicts the ancient and the rich history of the region. The over head shade is a design that can be used in open spaces where a beautiful ceiling is created with flowers and garlands. The main focal point remains to be mandap that acts as the center of the scene of wedding.


Hanging Floral Lamp Shades – Several wedding decoration pictures will show this popular design of floral décor that is used for a large number of weddings and receptions in Bangalore. This is a type of decoration theme using the flowers that can be used both for indoors and also for the outdoors. In this form of decoration hanging lamp shades made of flowers are hanged from the ceiling. They can be hanged around the main stage, at the place where food is served and also on top of the area where guests will be seated. This type of decoration can be seen in weddings hosted in places like MLR Convention Center one of the most popular choices of fashionable wedding locations in Bangalore.


Simple Garlands – Some of the best flower decorators in Bangalore has shown that simple is still the best idea for creating impressive flower decorations for wedding. This is why the style of using simple garlands in places like the stage, the entrance and also the hallways containing the guests is one of the most popular choices of floral decorations for such events. This is an idea that can be used for fashionable spaces like the temple Tree leisure Bangalore which is one of the most well known five star luxury hotels that hosts events such as weddings and receptions.


Conclusion – Stylish wedding resorts in Bangalore like the Hotel Vivanta by Taj Yeshwanthpur which is a super luxury resort offering great venues and spaces for hosting events like weddings and receptions is a place that offers modern amenities a luxurious extravagance and a hint of the traditional culture through the various arrangements that they make as hosts. The floral décor forms an integral part of the experience that they craft for their guests.

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We can thus conclude that choosing the right wedding resorts in Bangalore makes your events not only memorable but an also grand and happening. And you will be sure that your flower decoration will be a sensation!


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