Why Outdoor Living is an Important Part of Our Culture

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Australia is a country that spans across a huge amount of space; in fact, it’s the sixth biggest country in the entire world. It offers incredible natural beauty, varying landscapes, a bevy of attractions and landmarks, countless national parks and even desert terrain.It truly is a unique country. Of course, in order to truly experience what Australia has to offer, one needs to venture outdoors. It’s that desire to incorporate outdoor living and outdoor experiences into peoples’ daily lives which has become so ingrained in the culture.

But why exactly is outdoor living so important to Australians? Just how strong is the desire to get outside and explore or relax? Let’s take a closer look.

Year-Round Outdoor Living More Popular Than Ever

Winter in most countries can be a time where people hunker down indoors and avoid the elements outside. While winters in Australia are relatively mild compared to some other country’s winter weather, it’s still not going to get super-hot. Typical winter temperatures in Sydney sit around 10 degrees Celsius, which obviously is too cold for swimming and beach activities but not too cold to be outdoors.

Winter outdoor living has really morphed a lot over the years thanks in part to technology. Today homeowners are able to build elaborate patios that shield them from the elements, making it an ideal way to get outdoors any time of the year. Things such as outdoor fireplaces, and barbecues, lovely seating areas, gardens, and even water features all draw people to the outdoors even in the middle of winter.

The Variety of Terrain

There is also the fact that Australia’s terrain makes for ideal outdoor living. In Australia you can visit stunning beaches, take part in some of the best surfing in the world, explore a rugged countryside, experience a desert, and view some of the most amazing wildlife the world has to offer. Because there is such variety, it manages to appeal to all different interests, activity levels and hobbies. Just about any person of any age can find an outdoor activity they enjoy in Australia.

The Emphasis on Outdoor Entertaining

Combine Australia’s relatively moderate climate and natural landscape offerings with the fact there is a large emphasis on outdoor entertaining, and it’s clear to see why it is such an important part of the culture. Australians are known for their love of the outdoors, enjoying BBQs with friends and family, and living that healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Research shows that most Australians consider the perfect home one that includes a large backyard complete with a covered patio ideal for lounging and entertaining. While today’s newer homes have much smaller yards than in the past, there is still that desire for a yard and that piece of outdoor living.

Australia and Outdoor Living Go Hand-in-Hand

When it comes to Australia, outdoor living is just something that goes hand-in-hand with living in the country. It’s as though the people that live here understand just how lucky they are to have such a variety of offerings that they wouldn’t even think of passing up the opportunity to take part in it.

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